Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Baby E Is Not a Baby

My baby girl is a toddler. With the quickly approaching arrival of her little brother, I have realized I can't call her Baby E here anymore. She is now Miss E. This kid is 21.5 months old, impossibly fun and adorable, and learning new things so quickly it makes my head spin. She knows and says tons of words. Much to my delight, she just added her first verb to her vocabulary this morning - "sing" - a command to me to entertain her with whatever songs I can think of. Most of her words are nouns ("beebee" baby, "kow-kow" color/crayons) or interjectives ("ow," "uh-oh"). She is really increasing in comprehension which is so neat to watch. I do have to be careful and keep my sentences short or she gets lost.

Miss E makes this made-up sign for sleeping when she wants to go down for a nap. Which is cool! She also makes this sign when she is bored, or cranky, or wants to be held, or something isn't going her way. Which is not as cool, but still cute.

Fun poufy dress from my mom. Miss E likes to fluff up the many layers. She also likes that there are flowers ("fow-fow") around the waist. She prefers to be wearing flowers at all times.

Putting her shoes on by herself. On the wrong feet, natch.

(Note flowers on shirt AND pants.)

Miss E goes through weird food phases. In November and December, she practically lived on mandarin oranges. In January and February she was obsessed with cheese (Tillamook only, thank you very much). Now she wants nothing to do with oranges or cheese. She is currently grooving on apples, chicken nuggets (gag), dried cranberries, graham crackers, prunes (I am so not kidding), and Frosted Mini Wheats. I can pretty much only get her to eat vegetables if they are hidden in a casserole or soup.

Coloring the newspaper. And sometimes the table.

Dh bought her this purse - a Hello Kitty purse in a shocking pick color, with pink leopard-print handle. She carries it all over the place. In this picture, she is also wearing my heels. She is shaping up to be a girly girl, and I am thrilled! This morning she refused pants. She wanted to wear a skirt. Yeah, baby!


Katie said...

She's so big and cute!

Love the green dress

Nick, Marg & Liv said...

What a gorgeous little girl! Loved reading uyour update. Aren't they fun at this age? She's beautiful.

Cassie said...

She is beautiful. Also: cute shoes in the last picture.

EdgyK said...

She'll always be LB to us. And Ballerina is still a baby to me and she is almost three.

Morgan said...

She is SO cute!!

Chas said...

She is just too cute! I was thinking you might change her blog name soon.

AM said...

I love that picture of her coloring. She looks very intent.

Christy said...

She is absolutely adorable. I bet Miss E will LOVE having a new baby brother. When I get Porgie out of her crib in the morning, she runs into the living room yelling, "Izzy!!!!" It is so cute to watch them interact with one another.

Holly said...

Such cute pics! I love the nap sign one.
Ellie likes her dresses, too, but she also really likes her boots. So I guess she is a girly cowgirl?

Melain said...

No more Baby E?! SAD!!! Welcome then, Little Miss E. You can get her to eat soup?! That's impressive. I still can't get my 6 year old to eat soup.

TRS said...

Awww how cute.

What is it with shoes on the wrong feet?
I don't expect a kid this age to get it right... but considering they have a 50/50 chance you'd think the odds would lean in favor of the correct feet once in a while!!