Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Week

Date Night

We met up with EdgyK and her husband. Since it was sort of our V-Day date, I was trying to surprise Dh. So I just told EdgyK's husband where to drive. Well, we got to where I thought the restaurant was, instead we see a ghetto nasty knockoff of the restaurant I wanted. Oops. Luckily everyone was so excited to be out on a date, they didn't mind the detour. We did eventually make it to the Mongolian grill place I wanted. Then we went to Cold Stone for delicious ice cream. Here is my ice cream concoction that I recently created and don't think I will ever deviate from as I love it to death: Sweet Cream ice cream with graham cracker pie crust and Oreos crushed in. Sooooo good. Then we headed back to our house and chatted and played Guesstures. All in all very fun and nicely relaxing.

Baby E's Doctor Appointment

I was only two months late in getting Baby E in for her 18-month appointment! Yay me. And truth be told, I only made the appointment because her pediatrician's nurse started stalking me via the phone. Does anyone else's doctor's office do this??? The nurse was calling every day! (As I check the caller id before I ever answer, I kept avoiding her calls.) So anyway, Baby E weighs 28 lbs and is 2'8". Her shots went really well, the best ever. The nurse who did them (different from the usual vaccinations nurse) was really good - the first shot was over so fast, Baby E didn't even react. She did react after the second shot, however. She had a little soreness in her thighs that afternoon, but today has been running around like normal. She is wearing 2T clothes right now. *Pout* I love her changing and developing, but a little part of me is sad my baby is getting so big and independent.

Jane Austen Party

My friend D threw together a Jane Austen party last night. She just invited a few people who she knew love Jane Austen. We watched Miss Austen Regrets. D has Tivo'ed all the Masterpiece Theater Austen movies. We had a great time. Everyone brought goodies, so we all got sugar highs and most of us were still there talking and laughing at 1 am! That's when EdgyK's husband called asking, "Where are you????" That kind of broke up the party. Ha ha Luckily my husband didn't wait up. This morning I kind of regretted my decision to stay up so late, but not really. It was so fun to have some girl time!


EdgyK said...

That was a fun date. And I do love Coldstone. But blah to oreo's. I mostly don't like that they make a mess of my mouth. I didn't know my DH was so good at Guestures.

I tried to explain to my DH why I stayed up till 1:00 AM. But it's just a girl thing I guess.

Holly said...

I have been DVRing all the Masterpiece Theatres as well. I even recorded P&P even though I own it on video and DVD. Huge Jane Austen fan.

I know what you mean about the growing up thing. It's like you are so excited about all the new milestones, but sad because that's one step further away from babydom.

Chas said...

28 pounds? Really?? Lila weighed 24 and a half pounds a couple of weeks ago when I took her in for a sinus infection...and that was wearing all of her clothes, shoes, and possibly dirty diaper. I think E could probably take Lila in a fight :).

Christy said...

28 pounds is big! Porgie weighed 23 pounds at her 18 month appointment. But she had been sick around that time and had actually lost weight from her 15 month appointment. Porgie used to be so pudgy, but she is a skinny little thing now. Some days, I can't get her to eat anything.