Thursday, February 14, 2008

Serenity on Valentine's Day

My contribution: chocolate-covered strawberries (gone within 10 minutes of their unveiling).

Baby E's contribution: avant garde art piece. Very messy. One shirt sacrificed to the art gods.

Am I not the most amazing flower arranger you have ever, ever seen?

Dh's contributions: roses and cheesecake (much appreciated).

Monday I guess I walked too much (went to three stores). By late afternoon, any walking was quite painful; my hip gave out with every step. As soon as I got E into bed, I stopped walking. Dh gave me a blessing when he got home from work, and a few hours later carried me into bed. It was rather worrisome. The next day I could walk pain-free in the morning; by the afternoon I was in a lot of pain again. Over the past couple days, I have discovered through trial and error that I just need to limit the amount of walking I do. Otherwise, my left hip starts to give out in a very painful manner.

And yet, after about two months of kvetching almost constantly, suddenly I am feeling very serene about being pregnant. Maybe because the end is in sight. Maybe because of the blessing Dh gave me. Yesterday and today I have been able to just enjoy Baby's kicks and rolls, I have let go of the anxiety about my house being messy,* somehow right now I am able to just be. I hope this feeling stays because it is marvelous.

* * *

The limited walking leads to an excess of energy on my part. I have to expend it somehow: check out my craftiness. I have been crocheting as I watch season one of Gilmore Girls. Somehow I never saw this show. I just finished the first disk and am enjoying it.

*Dh found Baby E's missing shoe. It was under a pile of his clothes in the bedroom. I made no comment. Impressive restraint, no?


Chas said...

I hope the hip issue subsides, at least a little!

How have you never seen Gilmore Girls?? I went through a lot to watch that show. My husband would practically torture me during every episode. He wouldn't watch, but he could hear it from other rooms and would constantly tell me who stupid it was. He always said that the dialogue was completely unrealistic and no one can be sarcastic every moment of the day.

AM said...

I really have to limit my walking too. My hips bother me some, but mainly its my actual belly. Its just so hard and tight ALL the time and walking makes it hurt worse. Like its stretched too tight and might explode.

I really wish I could let go of some of the stress about housework, but I find myself exhausted and in pregnancy pain, yet still bending over the bath tub to make sure it sparkles all pretty like. Why??? WHY????

Christy said...

I had lots of hip pain too. Even walking around Target for 30 minutes, caused tons of pain. But, your baby will be here before you know it and that hip pain will be a distant memory.

Cassie said...

Uh oh, not looking forward to the hip pain. I'm happy you're feeling better though -- if not physically, at least mentally.

I could really, really devour those strawberries and that cheesecake right about now...

Baby E's artwork is v. v. cute!

Nick, Marg & Liv said...

So sorry to hear about your hip pain. But very impressed with your Valentine's art - both yours and Baby E's. And I absolutely LOVE the Gilmore Girls - it's quick-witted, heart warming and totally addictive! I wish I was like you, and felt serene about being pregnant - I'm still running around like a mad woman, trying to make sure EVERYthing is done before the baby is born.

EdgyK said...

Whenever we are looking for something it's almost always under someone's clothes pile.

Why? I scream with arms raised to heaven.

TRS said...

I've never been pregnant but I have suffered from sciatic pain.

(a nerve that runs from your hip down to where? probably your ankle)

Sciatica is SOOO painful! Mine came from an adjustment when we switched to lighter cameras at work. Apparantly my right side was compressed from carrying all the gear - and when we got lighter gear - the release in compression caused my sciatic nerve to complain!

the funny thing was... when I went to visit my neighbor across the street and she complained about sciatic pain - but explained that it was a common complaint due to pregnancy! I was a little embarrassed!

Anyway, I mention it because if you can identify it as sciatica maybe you can identify how to deal with the pain.

That's all.