Tuesday, February 05, 2008

All Over the Place

Let's say as a hypothetical situation, a church leader recently gave a rather pointed lesson (not pointed at me). If I criticize her lesson, is that the same as criticizing her? If I criticize her lesson, is that same as not sustaining her as a leader? Okay obviously this is not a hypothetical situation. Anyway, it's not like I need to take any action regarding this lesson, it just rubbed me the wrong way. How does one criticize a leader (privately, just to a friend or two) but still continue to sustain her? I certainly don't think sustaining is equal to letting a leader say whatever she wants. I suppose the key for me is to make sure I maintain humility (or rather......get some humility ha ha) and stay close to the Spirit.


Why are there stretch marks? I don't want to jump around in a bikini, but is it really so bad to want to look hot for my husband? Why do I have to redefine hot to include stretch marks? I do get the impression that women care more about these things than men, but hi! I'm a woman! So I care about them!


My husband is working overtime every week, taking a graduate class, preparing for the GRE, and is sick. I am almost seven months pregnant and spend my days trying to entertain a toddler. I feel like all I did today was tell my daughter: No! Don't touch! Stop that! and barely keep a grip on my temper. My house is completely messy. Groceries are still sitting in their bags in the entryway from this morning. I can't find one of Baby E's shoes because my house is so frickin messy. I wish there was someone to slough the extra off onto. Instead, after Baby E went to bed, I crashed on the sofa for an hour. When Dh got home from work, I'm sure he was not happy that the house was trashed and no dinner was ready.


Christy said...

Just wait until baby number 2 arrives. Everyday will feel like that. My husband is totally understanding, and never complains. Hopefully yours is too.

Cassie said...

I don't think you need to agree with everything a church leader says to still respect them, so I wouldn't feel bad about not agreeing with her one particular lesson.

Also, I agree -- stretch marks are not fun. This is my first pregnancy...do they ever go away?

And thirdly, I'm sure Dh is willing cut you some slack; you are carrying his son, after all. And even though you ARE Superhero Girl, you can't do it all, all the time!

Ditto's said...

Dang, I wish I was in RS so I could complain with you.
Also, Every mom needs that day off where you park your child in front of sesame street and you lay on the couch and don't make dinner or pick up a thing. We just need to learn to do it and not feel guilty. (especially when you're 7 mo. preggo)

EdgyK said...

What!? You are seven months preggo I totally couldn't tell. Ha ha. About #2 and #3 all those things are normal. #1 If church leaders stick to teaching doctrine then you can support them without a second thought but when they use church meetings as a soap box then you have to have the spirit so that you can just let it go. That's what I have decided anyway.

Holly said...

It sounds like both you and your husband have your plates full. Just turn a blind eye to the house for awhile (easier said than done, i know).

As for the church leader thing, I would just pick one person to criticize to. That way, you get it off your chest. I have been known to call up my little sister after a frustrating lesson or two.