Sunday, February 10, 2008

30 Weeks

No sooner did Baby E get over the runs, then we all came down with the same cold. Not being able to breathe sucks.

75% done. My hips are getting more unhappy, and so is my back. Baby's parties continue to be frequent and super fun. I'm starting to get the disrupted sleep and frequent trips to the bathroom that come in the third trimester, but still less heartburn than when I was pregnant with Baby E (thank goodness for that!). Lots and lots of dreams in which Baby has already been born. Braxton-Hicks more frequent, and sometimes painful.

We talked to my bil this evening, heard Baby J (my new niece) making adorable newborn noises. I'm getting more and more excited to cuddle and give loves to Baby #2!!!!


Chas said...

You are all belly, which I'm sure you hear constantly. You look great!

BTW, is that inside your house?? Or at church?? I have never seen a picture like that hanging in someone's home.

Cassie said...

You are looking absolutely gorgeous! I hope you guys all feel better soon!

AM said...

So cute!

I dont think I noticed any BH contractions in my 1st pregnancy, but I get them ALL THE TIME now. And yes, sometimes pretty dang uncomfortable.

Christy said...

You look great! Only 10 more weeks!

Isabel said...

Okay, while you look adorable, the picture of Jesus watching your back is the most awesome part of this!