Wednesday, November 02, 2005

9 1/2 weeks (and not the nasty movie!)

My smallest jeans don't fit anymore. My booty is too large. Ha ha
I have committed to hanging out with Sister B tonight and I have nooo idea how to inconspicuously eat every 1-2 hours without her noticing something is up. Though she's eight months pregnant herself, so maybe that will prove distraction enough for her. She has three different due dates. I don't know how this always happens to her. If you average them all together, she's due in the afternoon on November 21. Ha ha I don't want to tell her yet about my news, because I love her to death, but she will tell everyone in Brush Hills, and my plan with Brush Hills is to sweep in 5 months pregnant and send everyone into a tizzy of delight.
Poor Princess still hasn't had her baby. Two days over. Everyone at work keeps asking me if I've heard anything (because I'm the designated work contact, or something). I left her a voicemail this morning, no response. She's probably going crazy. And might have already killed her husband. Ha ha

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