Thursday, October 27, 2005

8 weeks

This pregnancy is so much different than last time. "More" is the word. More hormonal, more boobs (hello! enjoying this aspect!), more fatigue, more more more morning sickness. Yeah, did I think I had that last time? Ha ha ha. No. I did not know what the freak I was talking about. And even now I have to admit, I am lucking out on the morning sickness, because I personally know two women who puked constantly for months and months and months. (One was still puking in the delivery room.) But this morning sickness blows! I was crouched in front of the toilet at 12:30 last night, trying to decide if I actually did want to puke. My brain said, "Please yes, so I can go to bed and sleep." But my body said, "Ha ha, suckah, no such luck. Eat some Cheerios and go to bed feeling like shiz!" My body is mean, huh. So I ate some Cheerios and went to bed feeling like shiz. I hate Cheerios now, by the way.
Going to Pilates or Yoga is a distant memory. The idea of going to the gym (smelly) and rolling out my mat (also smelly) and then getting face down on my smelly mat in the smelly gym is more than my poor stomach can handle. Especially since Pilates and Yoga are right in the middle of my (now very strict) dinner time.
That's another interesting thing. I've never been much of a breakfast girl. It was pretty much a thing of the weekends. Now by necessity it is the first thing I do in the morning. And lunch cannot be skipped, and dinner, oh no never. And many snacks in between. I seem to get full faster though, so I eat less food at each sitting, I just eat much more often. Total caloric intake has definitely gone up - since I used to barely reach 1500 per day.
I have had 8+ hours of sleep a night almost every night this week, and every morning I wake up exhausted! Getting up is torture! Lately I have taken to hitting snooze through an entire hour, and then rolling into work 30-45 minutes late every day. I might get in trouble, but I doubt my boss will say anything. If he does, well, I'll just tell him the truth and then he'll be Empathetic City. I love Kevin.
I haven't been feeling the hormones too much when dealing with Dh, it's mostly I have very little patience with my clients. They all seem so whiny & annoying now. I mean, honestly, lots of them are always whiny & annoying, but now it seems to bug me a lot faster.
An awesome pregnant chick, Reesh, posted on my blog, so I wandered over to hers. Her blog is strictly about her pregnancy and it inspired me to be a little more focused.


Reesh said...

Hey thanks for your wonderful advice about my sister! It looks like she might be pregnant again already! We are not going to get too excited yet and just cross our fingers. I'll post it on my blog when we think it's safe.

My advice, don't even worry about yoga or pilates or anything like that when you are feeling so nautious. Let your bady tell you when it's time to go back to a smelly gym and don't feel guilty. Doing yoga in my second trimester feels great. One thing that helped me with the morning sickness was to have a bag full of almonds and raisons which I ate before I even stepped out of bed. At night I would eat a bowl of corn flakes before I lay down wether I was hungry or not.

Hope you feel better soon...

Anth said...

Thanks for the advice. I can't wait to get back to the gym in a few weeks! I feel like a slug. A nauseous slug. Ha ha
Also, the almonds are working out nicely (and aren't too bad coming back up, when it comes to that - ha ha).