Thursday, October 20, 2005


The law is in effect and I get to go home at normal times!!!!!! YAY!!!!! I almost feel bad leaving before 6 now. Since for quite some time 8 pm was my normal leave-work time. Blech. I hated it. Saturday, oh dears you should be so proud of me, I worked from 10 am (with 1.5 hr lunch with dh) until 5:45 IN THE FREAKING MORNING! It was horrible. I was so nauseous the whole time, and we ordered Chinese food because I thought it sounded good, but when it actually came I looked at it and just wanted to hurl. Anyway, Kevin and I were here so late that Elsa (another paralegal) showed up to START HER NEW DAY. Yeah. When I finally filed the last case, we were both so tired, we couldn't even celebrate or cheer or anything. We just kind of said "We're done" and then crawled into our cars to go home and crash. I slept from 6:30 to 12:30 when I woke up, for church at 2.
Monday I didn't go to work. It was blissful. I cleaned (the master toilet was disgraceful - when have I had time to clean the past few weeks? And dh & I have a rather strict division of labor when it comes to the bathrooms - he does the showers, I do the toilets & sinks), I shopped, I crocheted, I cross-worded. So my thought was, ahh, why can't I just start my homemaking career now? The law firm is such a drag. I know, I know, without a child to keep me on my toes, just cleaning & cooking would be boring within 2 weeks. Our house just isn't big enough to spend all day every day cleaning it. I also talked to Rainbow for 45 minutes. She told me her doctor said to just eat whatever looked good, so that's what I've been doing. Dh wanted me to eat real, nutritious meals (cooked by ????) as opposed to fruit, pickles & Goldfish (my primary food right now), but the idea of eating a burrito or omelet (the main things he cooks - and not exactly nutritious) makes me want to be sick!!!!!!
That's right darlings, I'm pregnant again! I consider it to be going better this time, because 1) I am much MUCH sicker, and 2) Dh gave me that amazing blessing in March which has given me confidence in the Lord. Perk: some of my bras are too small now! I still have a long looong time to go, but I'm really happy & excited & nauseous! Ha ha Well it's now 9:45 and I have yet to do any real work despite being clocked in for over an hour! So, time to go!


Katie said...

Oh, I am SO happy for you Anth! That is really exciting. How long are you going to keep working? Hopefully not long, working sucks. All I want to do every day is read and try making cool new food and go to the movies.

El said...

Yes yes, congradulations and thanks for checking out my blog! I know that it seems like forever until you will be giving birth, but yes, cherish it. This is your last time to be alone, cause you will never be will forever be toting baby. Not that its not slendid and I know its hard to have a great time when you are sick sick, but just letting you know what I didn't take seriously when I was pregnant.

Anth said...

Thanks El I'll try to keep that in mind. Cherish the nausea! Yeah! Seriously though, I know I should appreciate these last months when I can do whatever at a moment's notice. Like go to the movies with dh. Or lay on the couch all night doing crossword puzzles.