Monday, November 21, 2005

12 weeks

Counting down to trimester 2!!!
Full blown maternity pants being worn by moi.
Saturday Dh went skiing with his brother Jeremy. It was nice to have a day off to myself. I went shopping and wasted money on beauty products that hello I totally need. When Dh came back, he had had fun and had compared me favorably to Jeremy's wife. (Part of the reason I encourage him to hang with other guys - he always seems to come home so grateful that I am the way I am. ha ha)
This was not such a good weekend. Threw up twice. Friday's was really bad, I ended up with little red dots (the nurse said they are called petechiae) scattered all over my face, and lots and lots around my eyes. I hate them! Can't wait for this nausea to be over.
Of course all of this has been compounded by my cold taking a turn for the worse. Saturday towards evening I started feeling worse, but went to see Harry Potter anyway. By Sunday I was zombie girl and so I skipped church and just laid around all day. Today I'm at work, but just for a while.
It might sound weird, but I am really looking forward to making Thanksgiving dinner for Dh & me (I? myself? who freakin cares?). Plus it's just us, so I can make whatever I want (that means no yams!!!!).

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Reesh said...

I get to have American Thanksgiving this weekend with my husband's parents (Canadian Thanksgiving was October 8th) and I am so totally looking forward to some turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy!! Yum!

I hope you're feeling well enough to enjoy your dinner. Hopefully with the 2nd trimester fast approaching, your nausea is on it's way out...