Monday, November 14, 2005


My appointment on Friday was great, I am thrilled to report!!!!
I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm went off because I was very nervous. My appointment was so early, I don't know what I was thinking, but that was good I suppose, so that I didn't spend all morning fretting. We were only a few minutes late, but it didn't matter, because we still had to wait a bit. Dh & I chatted with the nurse for a while. Then Ms Campbell stuck her head in and said a long rambling paragraph (which I am starting to realize is how Ms Campbell always talks), the point of which was, "Let's do the ultrasound first so you will focus during the rest of the exam." (She was the lady I saw last time, so she certainly knows my history.) I was thrilled, it's what I wanted, but didn't want to ask. Dh asked if she read my mind. Ha ha
I was instantly seized by fear. What a relief when there was the baby! Perfect size, heart pumping away, waving its little arms! I cried of course. And held Dh's hand very tightly. (I will post the picture later - I'm at work, and didn't want to get caught downloading an ultrasound pic!) I was (am) on cloud nine. I am soooo happy. It's still surreal! It's amazing that this tiny baby, all curled up and only about an inch big, has little arms to wave at its parents!
Dh & I went out to breakfast, then wandered around Wal-Mart. Clarissa's son (whom Dh teaches at church) had a birthday party that afternoon. Dh had been invited, which is so cute. None of the kids in my church class invite me to their birthday parties! Ha ha So I went with, and showed Clarissa the ultrasound! She might actually be as excited as I am. Ha ha One of the ladies there was like, "You're 10 weeks and not showing a bit," and "Look at her, 10 weeks and thinner than I've ever been," which both kind of confused me. Why would I be showing so soon? I think she was just annoyed that I am thin. And I was even wearing my babystyle transition pants!
Though the truth is, I am starting to show the tiniest bit. Where my stomach was flat, it is now rounded. Not enough that anyone but me or Dh would notice, though.
Dh's parents stopped by for dinner on their way to the coast, for their first vacation (just the two of them). Can you believe that? Married 30 years, and never took a vacation by themselves. Sandy said it was pretty much because they were dirt poor when they got married, and baby #1 came along a year and a half later. Dinner (Sticky Chicken - new recipe I was trying - and not sticky - ??) was delicious, everyone loved it, especially Sandy & Greg. I was actually sad they couldn't stay longer. Dh gave them advice (as subtly as he could - which is not very) to not spend every moment together this week, or they will have disagreements. Sandy seemed to appreciate the advice. We'll probably call them towards the end of the week to see if they want to meet us for dinner sometime.
Yesterday I didn't have any real nausea until 7:30 pm! Yay!
My co-worker Elsa keeps bringing fried chicken into work for lunch. I think I'm going to croak. It smells soooo gross.
I am at work so I really should try to do something productive.


Katie said...

Oh my gosh! I am so happy for you! My eyes actually filled with tears when I read this!

Reesh said...

Yay I am soooo happy for you!!