Tuesday, November 29, 2005

13 weeks

Second trimester - I'm so relieved!!! Today I feel funky, kind of like I have a rock in my lower abdomen. It doesn't hurt, just feels weird. Over the past week, sometimes my uterus will feel really hard, which I've heard is normal. Finding pants that fit this morning took a little time. I bought a scale today so I can monitor my weight gain. Ms Campbell said even 35 pounds would be fine since I was a bit underweight - I just want to make sure whatever I gain comes on slowly and steadily. I think so far I've gained about 5.
I really need to go bra shopping. I hate bra shopping. However, my bras are starting to get uncomfortably tight, even my bigger ones.
Thanksgiving went off fantastically. I had a cooking orgy all day and everything turned out delish. Yay! I made soooo much food. Ha ha Of course, Dh has polished almost all of it off already.
I think I'm going to tell my boss today or tomorrow. I'm nervous. Dh said I should be vague on the subject of working after the baby is born until after Christmas, so I don't get gypped on my bonus. Hmmm.
I puked this morning, but it was my easiest ever. That makes 7. I'm just glad the number's still low enough that I am actually able to keep track!
I thought of something positive that came from my miscarriage - I don't fret over the random pains I get, because I know what miscarrying feels like, so I just stop, observe the pain while it lasts, and then can dismiss it as what it is - random pain, and no cause for concern. (Usually gas ha ha) Miscarrying was the worst physical pain I have ever experienced, so I'm interested to see how it compares to labor. I imagine labor will be a more severe version of that pain.


Katie said...

Wow, I am so impressed at your positive attitude. You rock. I can't wait to see the little one!

Reesh said...

It's very good that you have learned how to be positive instead of worrying about every little thing you feel. It sounds like you may be starting to get Braxton Hicks contractions already, which is another good sign! One thing I have been reading about that interests me greatly is fear in labour and how it relates to pain. It might be something to look into for yourself, since you already know how painful your miscarriage was, you may be fearing labour without fully realising. Fear=pain. I think the practice of controlling your fear is called hypno-birthing...

Anth said...

It's certainly possible that I'm subconciously freaked by the idea of labor. I think miscarrying might have made me braver though, because I made it through that, so I think, "Well how much worse could labor be, really?" Which I'm sure is ridiculous and cocky of me. Ha ha I know it's worse. But before I miscarried, I wouldn't have thought I could handle that level of pain, but I did it.
One of my friends had her baby a few weeks ago, and she had been seriously scared of labor beforehand, but once she went through it, she was quite reassuring about the pain of labor, and being able to handle it.
Anyway, I am going to look into hypno-birthing.