Tuesday, December 06, 2005

14 weeks

I'm excited that I finally figured out how to put that ticker at the top of my page.
But I'm most excited that tomorrow I fly to Orlando!!!! Woo-hoo!
NONE of my regular pants fit anymore. I didn't realize this would happen so quickly & completely or I would have got in a "last wearing" on them all. Now I must sadly throw them all into the corner of my closet and figure out what to wear until all the maternity pants fit (only a couple fit so far). Friday I bought a pair of jeans 2 sizes larger than normal, and with a belt they are working out pretty well. I also broke down and went bra shopping. And figured out why my bras were so uncomfortably tight - I've gone up two cup sizes. Yeah, Ms Small is starting to look distinctly busty. It's weird but fun.
Rachel recommended I wait until January to drop the news on Kevin, since both Kevin & I will be out of town for much of December. That way I neatly sidestep any possible shafting on the Christmas bonus (not by Kevin - by the partners - yeah they're uncool like that). And then I can just be up front with Kevin about not working after the baby is born. So that's my new plan.


Katie said...

So you're wearing a size 4 now? Yikes!

Cindy said...

Please tell me Katie is kidding?? Cause I so do not want to hate a pregnant woman!!

Anth said...

Don't hate me! The pants are a size 5!

Reesh said...

I had to by maternity pants almost right away, not that I was huge right away, but even the little bit of bloated at the beginning is uncomfortable behind tight waistbands. Now I have 2 pairs of maternity pants and I just alternate them each day.

I hear you on the bra front, I am on my 4th bra since I got pregnant cause they just keep growing!! I was given the advise last night of holding off on buying a nursing bra until after you've given birth cause once your milk comes in you will probably grow a few more bra sizes!!