Wednesday, December 28, 2005

17 weeks

Christmas was really nice. Everyone got along quite well (except for the newlyweds, who had a few miscommunication issues - so glad that phase is over for Dh and me!!). I got some great presents - a cool jean jacket with fur at the neck & wrists from Dh, Satin Hands & Satin Lips, a funky vase from my m-i-l, also some large gifts cards to Gap & Meier & Frank that I plan on using on Friday!! And I finally got Stargate! Yay! Ha ha Yes, I'm a dork. Dh got a guitar from his parents and Blade. He's really excited, and is out shopping right now for a stand and instruction books. Ooh and I got a fabulous massage from my s-i-l Teaje. Yesssss.
When I lay down and look at my abdomen, the pregnancy is really obvious. Standing up and in clothes, it's more disguised, but I am solely in maternity pants now. Some are still a bit too big, but my belly has just popped out too much these past couple of weeks to fit into any pre-pregnancy pants. I am starting to look much more pregnant. Dh is really excited by this. Now that I am really showing, he loves to come up and pat or rub my belly, and exclaim "Look how pregnant you are!" It's really cute.
Between my boobs and my ever growing belly, I definitely have more weight in front, and I can feel it. I find myself moving around differently, to maintain balance.
Oh and I found out that my cousin Jas is due just 3 weeks after me! And Dh's friend Jan is due in August. And my college buddy Alanna is due on Easter. So basically every married girl in the world is pregnant! Ha ha It's exciting!
So the "reason" for the complete lack of Christmas bonuses at work was "Christmas came so fast this year." Sorry, but that's the biggest load of bullcrap I've heard in a while. Why don't they just buck up and tell us the firm is broke and our jobs are all in danger. Which I'm starting to think is actually the case.
I have planned for myself a fantastic shopping adventure Friday. I'm going to pace myself, drink plenty of fluids, rest whenever tired, so that I can last all day, baby! I'm going solo, because that's how I do my best shopping. When in pursuit of the Super Deal, you have to be able to focus. I had a dream about shopping for clothes a couple of days ago, and I woke up really stoked. I haven't really had a desire to shop for months, so it's nice to feel like my old self again! Ha ha


Reesh said...

Glad to hear you had a fbulous Christmas!

I too love it when DH pats my belly and says obvious things like "Wow you're really pregnant!" He's also very good at making me feel like I'm bigger than I am because I am a little worried with how small I am still. Somehow they just know how to make you feel good about yourself in a time when there is so much change happening...

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