Sunday, December 18, 2005

The baby's heartbeat

I wasn't expecting it at all - at my prenatal Friday Ms Campbell whipped out a little gadget (a doppler I suppose) and said, Let's listen to the baby's heartbeat. So we did! It was fast; my heartbeat sounded sluggish in the background. She showed me where the top of my uterus was (higher than I thought), and didn't lecture me for being less than perfect on the vitamin front.
I wasn't expecting to hear the baby's heartbeat (I'm not sure now why), so I didn't have any time to get excited about the prospect. But as I have thought about it since, the cooler it gets. Somehow this makes the whole thing seem more real - there is a tiny little baby in there with its heart pumping away. Crazy.
I finally got my hair cut today. As further proof of the insanely conflicting statements I hear from women all over now, Clarissa told me yesterday, "I can't believe how much you're showing already!" and Myesha told me today, "You're still so tiny!" So am I tiny or showing? And is that good or bad? Screw it, I say! Everyone tells me something different, and it's more than a little annoying. So here's my final decision: I'm showing, but not alot. If you didn't know, you probably wouldn't guess. Though this past week, it seems like my tummy has suddenly started popping out.
Dh is back from his conference, yay. We bought a tree (went to the bargain lot, since we'll really only have it for 6 days - on the 22nd we leave for his parents'). For 10 bucks, the tree is surprisingly nice. We had big plans for Christmas shopping today, but someone's new lack of endurance got in the way. By the time we left the mall, I was completely pooped. Shopping with me is no fun anymore! After some resting on my part, we headed off to Dh's work Christmas party, which was surprisingly enjoyable. 7 days until Christmas, I'm so excited!!!!


Reesh said...

The heartbeat is something we look forward to hearing at every appointment and it always makes me smile. Such a strong sign of life!

Everyone shows just a little almost right away. It's funny what you say about some people saying you're small and some people saying your showing. There is is this image out there of what a pregnant women should always look like so people are constantly looking for that. As well, women who have already been pregnant are comparing you to what they were like. I find the measurements the medical profession uses to make sure you're doing okay, simply ridiculous. I am a tiny person and I have been "underweight" and "under fundal height" this whole pregnancy, but who are they comparing me to? I know that I eat all the time, so obviously that's just my body. Everybody is different and I just find it funny that we are ll being measured and compared to the same image of a prefect pregnancy.

Anth said...

Yeah, I'm sick of being compared to everyone else's memory of their own pregnancy. I mean, how accurate are their memories anyway? From what I've seen, people often seem to remember their pasts with such rose-colored glasses that I could never measure up.
I feel good, and the doctor hasn't said anything to indicate any problems, so I'm just trying to tune out all the comparisons. (And trying to stop myself from making any myself!)