Thursday, March 23, 2006

We are going to Dh's parents for the weekend. I promised M-i-l at Christmas that we would come out once more before Baby comes. She and a friend were planning to go to a play tonight, but she said she will change their tickets over to the Saturday matinee so that I can go with. I basically have the nicest mother-in-law on the planet. And we are also going shopping for fabric, and she is going to make a quilt for the baby!
Dh was really grouchy last night - it was so cute. It's hard to explain, because it seems like it would annoying or offensive, and I suppose when we first got married it was. But now I'm used to it, and so it's usually adorable. (Unless I am tired/hungry/sick, then I have no patience for it. Ha ha) We were going to bed, and he said in seriously the grouchiest voice, "You can come over here and cuddle against me if you want." I busted up laughing.
My work days have been going really fast, which is fantastic. And I've been getting tons done recently - I'm down to only two piles on my desk! Woo-hoo!

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Isabel said...

Glad to hear that work is moving along. Wish mine was!