Monday, March 20, 2006

29 Weeks

I realized today I haven't posted in a while. Oops. So here I am.
We have made a lot of changes in our house. We meaning I served as image and design consultant and Dh handled all actual labor. He painted the entryway and hallway a fabulous grayish-blue. It looks SO nice. I love it. Then he painted the biggest wall in our great room cranberry. These colors make our house look a lot more polished and actually decorated. We also (finally!) bought a new bedspread for our bed. It fits with the furniture a lot better. It's a patchwork quilt in shades of blue (mostly navy) and red. It's kind of country.
We decided that the TV room must say goodbye and make way for baby. We were going to make the office a combo office-nursery, but I didn't really want to have the computer in the baby's room and that room is south-facing so it's really hard to control the temperature (it gets REALLY warm in there in the summer). So we will get a TV armoire for the corner of the living room, get rid of the gnarly loveseat (which is tan with large orange & brown flowers) and make the TV room solely devoted to the baby. We're slowly getting more & more stuff. Fab Camille gave us an infant car seat & baby tub. She's also letting us borrow a swing.
I slept horribly last night. I thought my body was getting used to taking naps on Sundays (I used to not be able to nap ever because then I would never fall asleep that night). Since I've been pregnant, I've been able to nap on Sundays quite easily and still go to bed at a normal time. Last night I went to bed at quarter after eleven, but between my wide awake self and baby's hour-long party, I didn't fall asleep until almost 1.
I took the 1-hour glucose test Friday. If they don't call me today, that means I am okay. So say a prayer for me, because I really do NOT want to have gestational diabetes!!!!
I am getting sooooo excited for Baby to come.
I put two and two together (takes me a little longer to do that recently!) and realized Dh is going to be at a week-long training 2 1/2 weeks before my due date. This makes me a little nervous. Fortunately, he will only be two hours away (by car) so if I actually go into labor while he is gone, he would still make it in time for the delivery ('cause I kind of doubt I'll be one of those "fast delivery" chicks).

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Chas said...

I'm sure you'll pass the glucose test, but even if you fail the one hour it doesn't mean you have GD. I had to take the one hour test twice and the three hour test before we determined I don't have it.