Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Guess who does NOT have gestational diabetes? That's right, me. Take that! Dh has been telling me for weeks to stop eating candy - "Should you really be eating that since you have diabetes?" and my mom has been telling me the same thing. So now I can tell them to back off! And let me eat some candy in peace! (I was at risk because my mom had GD during at least one of her pregnancies.)
[Of course, I personally plan to cut back on the candy & sweets, because my level was 99, which I feel is too high. But am I going to tell Dh this? Heck no.]
Evil Girl, who has, admittedly, been slowing morphing into Only Occasionally Evil Girl, found out today she got into Ricks. I must say, I will not cry to see her go. I am tired of seeing her thong. I do hope though that she doesn't end up with crazy self-righteous roommates. I had one of those at BYU and she was a pain in my patootie let me tell you. [Patootey?]
Talked to my mum yesterday. That chick is cuh-ra-zy. She sent me these pills, right, that she says I am supposed to take instead of my prenatals, so I called her to find out how often & how many a day. (Why read the directions when you can just ask your mom?) The answer: SIX a day. Ha! She is dreaming! I can barely remember (or stand) to take ONE prenatal vitamin a day, much less SIX A DAY. I didn't tell her that, of course, and now I am wondering how this will play out next month when she comes to visit. I could pretend we had a terrible break-in and the pills were, tragically, one of the things nabbed. Or that a freak whirlwind came in while I was opening, er, both bottles, and dumped them all out on the floor, so unfortunately I had to throw them all away, becuase everyone knows you can't eat things off the floor, that's totally gross.
So I was like, Um couldn't I just eat more fruits & vegetables? And she goes off about how with all the pesticides, it is like eating poison, and blah blah blah. I'm not sure what else she said, because I basically stopped listening. I guess this means I will be a BAD MOTHER, and feed my child POISON, but I am not buying all organic ($$$), and I will feed my child fruits and vegetables from Safeway, and Winco, and the farmer's stand, and whatever other grocery store is having a good SALE. Come on, I will severely limit soda consumption & cheese curl consumption, do I get ANY credit for that? I love my mother, I really do, but I think she has been living in an upper-middle class fantasy world for many, many years, and now has no idea what normal middle class life (i.e., MY life) is like. Dh and I will soon be going to one income (his) and things are going to be TIGHT. And not tight in the awesome sense. Well, hopefully it will be awesome, but it will also be more budgeting and sacrifice.
I do feel kinda bad, though, because I know she spent like 40 bucks on those pills.

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AnnaBana said...

Hey, just ran across your blog from Isabel's, and thought, "Wow, someone not from the East Coast!" and just had to comment.

As for the vitamins/pills, I understand what you're going through. I HATE taking my prenatal and extra iron supplements every day, even though technically it shouldn't be such a big deal. But it just is!