Friday, March 31, 2006

Hamburger Helper (In Which I Pitch a Fit for No Good Reason)

The other day Dh made Hamburger Helper for dinner. We like Cheesy Hashbrowns. It's the only kind of HH we eat. Um yeah it's REALLY good for you. Dh gets home from work around 7:15 - 7:30, so by the time dinner was ready (8) I was STARVING. I had a big serving. And then announced I was going to have seconds. But first I got distracted by my cross stitch project. In the meantime, Dh dished himself some more.

When I went to the pan to get my seconds, it looked like there were about three bites left. "(Unkind name for husband)!" I flounced over to the tv room. "Dh! I said I was going to have seconds, and you ate it all!" And then I flounced away. I was very peeved.

Dh went into the kitchen. He patiently said, "I split what was left. It's actually a fair amount. Here, look." And he dished it out onto my plate. And he was right. It was plenty of food. Then he went back into the tv room and I sheepishly ate my food. Which was in fact too much, because by then my stomach had notified my brain that it was pretty much full from the first helping, but I had to eat the rest on principle, you know?

And then I had to suck it up and apologize to Dh for being a big baby.

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