Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Finished Harry Potter Sunday night. Marvelous.

I'm hosting my Bunko group tonight, so yesterday was spent baking and cleaning. Made these and Biscuit Sandwich Cookies (the MSL July cookie of the month) and today I'm making this.

Right now I'm reading this. And dealing with tantrums. Baby E doesn't want to be taken out of her highchair. She just wants to eat 5 million blueberries per meal. She doesn't want her diaper changed. Yesterday, on two separate occasions, I had to put her down on the floor of the dining room and just sit at the table reading a magazine while she took ten minutes to calm down. She's not even 14 months old, so what the heck.

Thursday I went shopping ALL DAY with my friend while Dh hung out with Baby E. We were both child-free for the day and almost delirious with the freedom. Despite having a large budget, I only could only find a few tops I wanted. Most annoying. Why are so many clothes so ugly right now?

Yesterday Dh managed to get a guy with a big, nice boat to take him out on the ocean tuna fishing. Rainbow's husband went too. (Isn't she nice? She just had a baby on the 13th and let her husband go tuna fishing all day!) They caught 12 fish and now 12 enormous steaks from four fish are sitting in a cooler in our garage. Dh came home covered in tuna blood it was so disgusting. He REEKED. I've washed his clothes twice and my laundry room smells strongly of fish still. Yuck. But YAY! for many, many tuna steaks.


Melain said...

Ya, I'll be glad when this 80's flashback is over. Though I'm enjoying using it to beef up the accessories to my fabulous 80's costume!

Melain said...

PS. Harry Potter RULES! I had all these predictions and almost ALL of them were accurate! *Not only is she beautiful, but she's also BRILLIANT!*

Christy said...

I have only witnessed one temper tantrum from Porgie. It was over a bottle of soymilk. It actually really pissed me off, which was surprising because I typically have lots of patience.

Anyways, good luck with the tantrums. I think ignoring her behavior is definitely a step in the right direction.

Pearlmarie said...

Book of recommendation for tantrums: Love and Logic, Parenting toddlers (or something like that)

I am so excited to read Harry Potter. Hopefully I will have some good quality time to finish soon...I am stuck somewhere around pg. 400 :(

And tell your hubby good job with the tuna. I am glad the "man" with the big, nice boat took him out. I am sure he was big and gruff but pretty cute for a 56-year-old.

AM said...

Glad to know others are dealing with tantrums. Everything you cooked/baked sound fabulous! I hope you had a great time!