Sunday, July 08, 2007

First Naughty Moment

Baby E loves to pull my bookmarks out of my books. I've started (trying to) memorize my page number due to her bookmark-theiving ways. The other day she was playing with my bookmark and stuck it in her mouth. "Don't put that in your mouth," I said, pulling it out of her mouth. She stuck it in again. I repeated myself. This time she got a terribly mischievious look on her face and slowly....licked the bookmark! Struggling to keep a straight face, I pulled the bookmark away from her mouth and said, "Don't do that." Sure enough, she licked it again, looking at me with the most hilarious expression the entire time. "That's it!" I announced loudly, and repossessed the bookmark. What an imp.

The needs to soon as this recent bout of teething is over. I swear.

Dh rented Ghost Rider while I was gone. He is always up for watching movies over and over and over again, so we watched it together last night. Oh man. SOOOO bad. So bad, it's good. You know what I mean.


Jihan said...


What's your personal email addy?
I want to send you a personal invite to join my "Favorite Things" Swap for Summer 2007...
read my post for today about it!

It'll be tons of fun!

Christy said...

Porgie is a little trouble maker too. If I tell her no, she ALWAYS does it one more time just to be a stinker.

Rebecca said...

All of a sudden our kids are exibiting little bursts of independence! It is so cute, and so frustrating all at the same time.

Baby E: Book Mark Thief At Large

Melain said...

DUDE! All my friends were so excited by the Ghost Rider preview! I was actually laughing outloud by how stupid it looked! They were irritated with me. I KNEW it would be bad.