Monday, July 30, 2007

America's Most Wanted

Image Credit: America's Most Wanted

Dh and I watched AMW Saturday night. Yes our lives really are that exciting. I can't help loving that show. It's crass and tacky yet terribly endearing. I find myself inexplicably caught up in its enthusiastic let's-catch-those-motherfers-together vibe. I study each villain's face so I will recognize them if they start lurking at Winco (yeah right).

However, AMW will never hold the same place in my heart as Cops. I frickin love that show and I really can't explain why. I just love it. I guess I'm a snooty voyeur. I laugh my head off at the WT on display. I was a little chagrined when they came to Oregon and the clip was about a guy whose car was about to be impounded. His gf ran into the strip club she worked at, quickly did a dance and came out with the money to stop the car from being impounded. Classy.


Christy said...

You're funny. I used to watch AMW, not I haven't seen it in years. Honestly, I didn't know it was still on TV.

Morgan said...

The night right before Samuel was born I had a funfilled night of Cops, AMW, and 48 Hours Mystery. Unfortunately we don't have a tv anymore, so no more of it for me. ha!

Morgan said...
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Jill said...

Before I got there, a teacher at my last school randomly disappeared without a trace. A few days later he was featured onn AMW. I guess that is what they deserve for not doing background checks.