Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yarn Stash

I just finished reading/skimming the Yarn Harlot's book, Knitting Rules. I didn't realize there was a term for my habit of buying yarn because "it's on sale," "it's soft," "I want to." It's called adding to your stash, and other people do it too! So I'm like, part of a community! Ha ha I mention this because I reorganized the baby's closet and finally dragged my big Rubbermaid tote full of yarn out of there. And my knitting needles which I stored for ages under the baby's crib (???) Dh saw the tote.

Dh: What's in there?

Me: Yarn.

Dh: Isn't that a bit much?

Me: No. (sotto voce) And I'm not telling you about the long skinny tub full of yarn under our bed.

He's so unobservant. It's very handy.

* * *

I added up all the pictures we have of Baby E. Over one thousand. That's insane. That figure doesn't include videos.

Baby E actually eating vegetables! Hallelujiah! Well, I guess this picture is more accurately described as Baby attempting to eat a bowl, but she was scarfing down the corn. It was a happy day in the Superhero household.

Spending some "QT time" with Daddy. (Dh's phraseology which I found delightful and use all the time.)

Bath time in the sink!


Christy said...

Baby E is so freakin cute! Is she eating all finger foods now, or is she still getting the pureed stuff too?

Lizzy said...

I cannot believe how DELICIOUS Baby E is...wasn't she just a teeny baby like yesterday? WOW!
I have to say we loved it when Henry finally ate corn (Mommy's favorite!). But The Mistah was even more pleased when he changed Henry's diaper later. Corn poop!

Brittany said...

Don't you love it when you can get a nudie photo of baby without having to put smiley face stickers over the potty parts? I just got one of Callaway bathing in the sink the other day. His feet were positioned ever so perfectly as to cover his you-know-whats.

(oh and I must say that my hubby uses Eternity cologne for the exact same reasons yours does, so I was very amused by your comment the other day!!)

Anonymous said...

Your husbands put on cologne before you have sex? That is uh, a little strange!

Pearlmarie said...

I just sold my yarn stash at a garage sale last week. Now I realize I just should have given it to you!

canape said...

You can't have too many pictures of a baby that cute! Nor can you post too many *hint hint*.