Monday, May 28, 2007

The Weekend and Weight

Dh's parents were here for the weekend. Went pretty well. The older I get, I guess the more anal about my house I get. Interpersonal relations were great. Everyone got along, had fun. I just hate having crap all over my house. And Dh's family all have this weird habit of putting their dirty dishes on the counter around the sink. Not in. Around. And heaven forbid they put any in the dishwasher!

We went to some nearby waterfalls on Saturday and had a picnic. Quite enjoyable. Baby E just learned to point at things, so she had fun pointing and making everyone tell her the names of things.*

Sunday was spent quietly. Church from 11-2, then Dh grilled hamburgers. Delish! Once Baby E was in bed, we spent about 5 hours playing Bones and Golf, a dice game and card game, respectively. Sooo fun. I even won Golf for the first time evah. Usually I lose badly.

Today Dh and his dad went fishing all day (left at 6 am, got back at 5 pm!). Yes, Britt, I am a fishing widow. Let's totally start a support group. Ha ha Mil, Baby E and I went shopping. Didn't spend that much though. I got a little pink bolero-kind of thing. And some yarn. One can never have enough. Dh achieved success! He came home with a large Chinook salmon. I like salmon, and better yet, I don't have to prepare it! It's not a fillet from the grocery store, so "I don't know how to make it." That line totally worked!

* * *

This is unrelated, but there's an online brohaha about some blond chick FoxNews had on who said Jordin shouldn't have won American Idol because she's overweight and that's a bad example to fat kids. Let me first say I think that chick is retarded. No way should Jordin not win because she's overweight. Though personally I feel Melinda had the best voice.

But some people have been saying she's not overweight, just big boned. I don't agree with that. I think she's overweight. But I don't really think that's a huge deal as an example to kids. I mean yeah, yeah, I know being overweight puts you at risk for blah blah blah. I know. But people like my father-in-law are the ones who need to hear the scare bit about being overweight (he's obese, though 6'3" so he carries it "well"). Jordin doesn't need to hear the scare bit. She's 17 for heavens sake. But she is overweight, not just big boned. I think it's a slippery slope when we start calling overweight "big boned." Besides, I think seeing an overweight girl win AI is 500x more positive than seeing twenty stick-thin starlets lose ever more weight, or seeing one starlet after another pr0stitute herself out to achieve fame.

*The only word I am sure she comprehends is "baby." I show her a picture with multiple subjects, say, "Point to the baby," and she will. I can show her a picture of Dh & me, say, "Point to Daddy," and she points at me. We're working on it.


Chas said...

I watched the first few weeks of this season of AI, and like I usually do I kind of lost track of it. Soo...when you said Jordin is overweight, I had to go take a look. I just finished looking at about a hundred pictues of her, and I honestly don't think she looks overweight at all..not even a little. I was kind of surprised...I guess everyone sees things like this differently.

Katie said...

I disagree a bit with you about Jordin. I wouldn't say she i8s overweight. I think she is a really beautiful girl who is just really big. When she was along on the screen I thought she looked normal sized. However, whenever she stood next to someone else she looked like a giant. She's just a real big girl, end of story.

I do agree that it was refreshing to see someone who wasn't rail thin win a popularity contest.

Brittany said...

Stupid fishing! Cody ditched me on Monday, too, but luckily he didn't go far and returned by noon so I could boss him around and stuff.

I'm not sure where I stand on the wieght issue. Jordin looks fine to me. She was on Regis and Kelly this morning and she looked pretty big next to Kelly, but I would look really big next to Kelly, too. Maybe by the hollywood standard, Jordin is overweight, but I think among the "normal," she'd be average.

Christy said...

I hate all the emphasis our society places on weight. She won. End of story.

Emily May said...

I think Jordin is big boned and a little overweight. I don't believe all of that 'example' crap. It's giving an excuse to our kids to get fat, if we tell them those people are their example, where are the parents?
Anyways more about the tall men being able to carry their weight, I disagree. My Maternal grandpa was 6'5 'carried it well' and had a stroke. I feel the same way about Hugh and my husband, being tall does not exempt the wear & tear on one's heart.

canape said...

We agree that the stick chick was retarded. That's for sure!

Jordin didn't seem overweight to me. She is shaped differently than most women you see on tv (but more like most women you see everyday), and I think that we aren't used to that. Maybe I needed to see her in more outfits, but the ones I saw, she didn't look fat.

We also agree that Melinda had the best voice. That girl can sure sing.

Pearlmarie said...

Well, I don't watch AI so I can't really comment on the girl's weight (even though I am going to go google an image of her to see where I stand) but I did just want to say I totally agree with you and the dishes in sink vs. counter bit. What is up with that???? I came from a pretty messy family, but my gosh I have changed. I don't get it when people ( Billy, ahem) put their dishes RIGHT NEXT to the sink. If you put them in the sink, you don't have to see the nastiness. If you put them in the sink, their nastiness doesn't get all over your clean counter. Hello? How hard is that???