Monday, May 21, 2007

Last week
  • Baby E was sick
  • Baby E was teething
  • I was sick
  • Dh had a big project due (read: was super stressed)

Last week sucked. Baby E & I are still sick, but the worst is over. Now at least Baby E has a third tooth. Something to show for the misery.

Dh and I fought about breaks on Thursday. (Breaks = "me" time.) Thursday night - he played basketball. Friday night - he played softball. Saturday - he planned to be gone all day fishing. While I had been home all week, sick, with a sick, teething baby. So Thursday before he left for basketball I told him - the breaks are not fairly distributed. Because they WEREN'T. Well he couldn't refute that so instead he tried to turn the fight into me not supporting him with grad school. Ugh. Whatever. The end result was that he didn't go fishing Saturday so I was actually able to leave the house for two hours by myself!!!!! Only two hours. Is that really so much to ask? I'm still simmering a bit about the whole thing, if you couldn't tell. Saturday ended up being a very nice day spent (mostly) together as a family. Dh got some stuff done in the yard, moving bushes, planting trees, we went to Target. Ended the day with Baby E sleeping fitfully (poor sick baby) and Dh and I enjoying a movie and Indian takeout.

Now he's gone at a week-long conference which I am both glad and sad about. Glad: house will stay cleaner, don't have to make dinner/can make meatless every night, complete control over evenings. Sad: miss husband, no one to talk to, complete control over evenings is only cool for about two days.


Emily May said...

Well sad, glad and bad can't be so rad. Um, anyways, I LOVE how your realistic on your blogs! Call me. It's nice fixing meatless meals. I think I know this conference your talking about, somehow that Venetian print you've got comes to mind. Anyways Baby E is soon going to be one-FUN! The teething stage will be over with before you know it. Besides she'll have a gorgeous smile to show for all of the pain. Anyways I'm in need of a Ross binge. You're lookin' cute fabulous and fit, because you're my twin, haha, gotcha! Check out the toilet paper on my blog, it'll make your day.

Chas said...

I know what you mean; sometimes daddies just don't get it. I get annoyed with Jason when he doesn't give me a break, and I know it'll probably be more of an issue after I quit my job. But...we married them so they must be good for something, right? :)

Brittany said...

Seriously? You're fishing victim??

Me, too. We should start a therapy group.

I think C is cutting his first tooth. At least I hope he is because if he's not, I have no explanation for his ornery behavior the past few days. Sorry you're going through it, too.

Why must these babies have teeth?? WHY????

Christy said...

I completely understand. My husband comes home from work and wants to check his email, get in the shower, blah, blah, blah. It baffles me that he doesn't want to spend more time with Porgie. If I leave her for an hour, I miss her terribly. Men are just big weirdos.

I hope this week goes fast for you.

Melain said...

Wow. That sounds just like a marriage. Just when you're about to forcefully swing a blunt object in the general direction of their big fat heads, they do something wonderful and it all goes away. Hold out for that. *wink*