Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Misses Section

The other day I went to Ross Dress for Less in a fit of frustration. I needed new jeans. My butt is bigger since having Baby E. Don't smirk. What I mean is, I weigh 7 pounds more than I did when I got pregnant, and I don't want to lose it. So the result of gaining 7 pounds is none of my pants fit right anymore. My smallest I can't even zip up. (I'm saving them for a denim rag rug.) I really only had one pair that fit in the waist and hips and they are too long. Which is a problem right now because of all the crappy rain. Bleh Oregon. Have I mentioned I'm sick of this blasted rain?!?!?

Anyway. So I went to Ross Dress for Less because why lie? that is where I shop for clothes most of the time. I love me a good bargain and I don't mind digging to find that pair of Nine West shoes on sale for $10. I have always shopped in Juniors, because that's where my size has always been. The Juniors section this time, well, it annoyed me. All the jeans were so ugly and trendy. With like, big fake rhinestones (???) And really dramatic faded spots. I just wanted regular jeans that I can wear every day. Is that so much to ask?

So with some trepidation I ventured into the Misses section. I think because this Ross is new, it's well stocked. Usually the Ross Misses section is full of tapered leg jeans that went out of style seventeen years ago. But I was in luck. They had some bootcut pants in my size. (I know straight is in, but I just don't go for that.) I found some jeans I thought would work. I tried them on. I fell in love. I wear them a LOT now.

Because here's the thing that annoyed me the most about Juniors jeans. They are all so freaking low rise. You basically have to weigh 100 pounds to not have a muffin top in those things. My new Soho jeans hit me just below the belly button and I love that. And they are SOOOO comfy. Perfect for throwing on with a Shade top and crawling around with Baby E! I also bought the Ludlow cut, they're a bit tighter, good for going out. And because I bought them at Ross, ha ha! they only set me back $25 a piece.

I should have checked out the Misses section eight months ago. It would have saved me a lot of annoyance.


Emily May said...

I don't think, well ok, my ass is bigger. But when you're so skinny beforehand it can make a big difference. I joined facebook. I need to go on a 'Ross' binge. I've only recently stopped looking in the maternity section. Must remember that I've had the baby. Like the new update. Gotta stop neglecting children, buh-bye.

Isabel said...

I prefer the low rise. Do you hate me?

And you know of my intense love of all things Shade. They were my life saver while pregnant!!

Christy said...

I used to always shop in the junior's section too. But, now I feel like an old woman shopping in the kiddy section. The clothes are just too trendy and cutsie.

I usually shop at old navy, but I hate their jeans. They seem to grow while you're wearing them. When I put them on, they fit great. By the time I take them off, they are two sizes too big.

Shopping for jeans is tough. I am glad you found a few good pairs.

Chas said...

I like lowrise but not TOO lowrise. Get that? I usually just go to Gap for my jeans. I know they've got my length there.'d you end up in Oregon? We're having a drought here. Maybe you can send us some of your rain.

Emmakirst said...

Ok, I like lowrise jeans, but not the low that shows the ass, know what I mean, and my butt is totally bigger since baby(ies)LOL>

AM said...

I havent been to a Ross in a long long time. I too used to shop in Juniors, and I know the time is here to move up to Misses... Good to know you can find some cool jeans still!

Pearlmarie said...

I shop in my mom's closet or Goodwill pile. There, I said it.

Anth said...

Ooh Christy, I know exactly what you are saying about Old Navy jeans! They grow on me too until they are all baggy.

Pearlmarie, there is no shame in that. My mom is a completely different size from me, and I already took all her clothes from when she was my size! Ha ha