Saturday, April 21, 2007

Five Years!!!

Man, have I been slacking with the blogging recently. I haven't checked my blogroll in 4-ever. Nor have I updated. Since April 13, let's see, here's what's happened:
  1. We bought a video camera.
  2. Dh turned 30.
  3. Our five year anniversary was yesterday!
  4. Baby E learned to dance overnight.
  5. My friend Lissa had her baby.
  6. Dh finally finally got some accidental death coverage.

Re 1: Not that I have uploaded any video. So #1 was basically just a tease.

Re 2: we were all very low-key on Dh's birthday, as per his request. He came home just after 3 pm, used some vacation time because he suddenly realized at work, I don't want to work today!!! So that was nice. We got to spend some family time. Dh requested takeout from the delicious Indian restaurant, and he left at 7 to play basketball. That's what he wanted to do. I got him a maple bar and stuck a candle in it, again as per his request. That's not quite the thing I would think of for his birthday. I also got him a Rocky Road caramel apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory because he loves them so much. His major present I gave to him the next day.

Re 3: the next day being our anniversary. I spent a lot of time this week putting together a book for Dh. I secretly emailed all his family and many of his friends asking for their favorite story or memory of Dh. They finally all emailed me back (by Friday - the day AFTER his birthday, despite my requests that they respond by Wednesday) and then I combined it all, added pictures & photos, formatted it, printed it off and put it in a binder in protective sheets. It turned out really well, if I do say so myself. Some people put some really funny stories, some contributed really sweet memories. And Dh seemed to really appreciate it. But anyway, for our anniversary, well we bought the camera that day, then it was gorgeous weather, so Dh went fishing for a few hours. Then we went to a nice restaurant for dinner (yay for a real date!) and that's where we exchanged gifts. Dh bought me a fabulous gift - diamond earrings! I love them! They are so sparkly. They are a bit small, 1/4 ct, but very good quality. I know how much they cost. (Dh can never keep that kind of information to himself.) Quite alot. So it's okay that they're small, I've got small ears anyway. Ha ha So then we went home and cuddled and watched a video. It was a lovely day.

I really can't believe I've been married for five years. I don't feel old enough to have been married that long. I think we both look pretty much the same. Dh doesn't have a goatee anymore.

Five years and one day ago.

Re 4: Baby E really did just suddenly learn how to dance. I went to the hospital yesterday morning to visit Lissa (see #5) and when I came home, Dh said, "Watch this," and started making a beat with his mouth. And Baby E started bopping! It was hilarious! Dh did it all day long and Baby E kept be-bopping. It's what finally made us decide to get the video camera (we've been considering it for...oh, ten and a half months). This morning Dh couldn't remember the beat he made yesterday. Bit of a problem. Ha ha He tested many different songs out on Baby E and found she will dance to: Avril Lavigne, Bollywood pop, and Madonna. So. Her taste in music leaves a little something to be desired. Ha ha

Re 5: Lissa's baby is very cute and now that he is here, I think she is okay with the fact that he is her third boy. She is desperate for a girl. I think seeing Baby E was actually rather torturous for her while she was pregnant.

Re 6: Dh agreed to get life insurance when he bought his motorcylce. People, that was a year ago. I remember, because I was really pregnant, so I couldn't even go on it. I have never been on that bloody motorcycle! We agreed (okay, I told him) that life insurance was the condition on which he could get a motorcycle. That way if he died I would at least be able to pay the bills while I sank into a deep depression. Well, turns out his dangerous lifestyle is really going to cost us. No, not the motorcycle. The rock climbing. That sport he does maybe twice a year raises his life insurance rates by seven hundred dollars per year. Aargh!! He opted against that. He got some accidental death coverage, and then is going to find some life insurance with an exemption for rock climbing (i.e., if he died rock climbing it wouldn't cover that.) I blame his brother longroper. Longroper is insanely into rock climbing, and got Dh doing it, and if not for longroper Dh could have a $500,000 policy for a mere $450 a year!!!!!

So anyway, I have lots of new photos on my flickr account, go check it out if ya care to see many, many pics of the adorable Baby E. But here's a couple you don't have to click out for:

Baby E "helps" me unload the dishwasher. I love these overalls. I call them her train conductor overalls.

Don't try to separate a girl and her sippy cup.

Eating some delicious grapes. That I cut into tiny pieces. This is what I do for the little bambino I love so much. She is a major self-feeder, and I totally encourage it, because hey that way I can maybe eat at the same time too. the crossword. Usually I opt for the crossword.


Ashley said...

how CUTE is that cover on her highchair???!?!?!?! did you make that? tell me how & where you got the fabric!

canape said...

Great pictures! You were a beautiful bride.

Chas said...

Happy Anniversary! It does feel weird to have been married so long when you still feel so young. I'll be married six years this summer, and it totally doesn't seem like it.

Christy said...

Wow! Baby E is super adorable, but you already know that. Does she hold her sippy cup well? Porgie has trouble tilting it back far enough. Its kind of irritating.

Congratulations on the 5 year anniversary!

Chas said...

Leave me your email address and I'll email you the address and PW to my "secret" blog. I know I've had your address at some point, but I can't find it.

Emily May said...

5 years that was fast. I met you at one. Remember the pregnant newlywed virgin, hehe. You've got a cute little girl to show for yourselves. It can be a little weird being married to a 30 year old. I tried to do a big celebration for hubby-bust. Baby E is well worth the 5 years. chat soon. Blu Babe

Pearlmarie said...

Congrats on the five years! Billy and I are quickly approaching four years but for some reason I keep on thinking it is five. Probably because we've told ourselves we will take another honeymoon at five...wishful thinking. When Billy left for his business trip last week I told him he couldn't die on it because we don't have life insurance for him yet. I was only half joking. You know how it goes.

And yes, where did you get that cute high chair cover??