Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just Call Me Martha

Well apparently all y'all are low-rise pants lovers. That's okay. We can still be friends. Ha ha Really all my pants are low-rise too, I just like to complain. I will say there is a definite risk with higher-rise pants of looking like you have an enormous butt. All my shirts are pretty long though, so it minimizes that risk.

Here I am in my new jeans. You like how I'm totally (trying) to do some model pose? Ha ha

* * *

I made these coasters! I'm so proud of them. The idea and templates are from Martha Stewart Living. They were quite easy. Just glue felt onto cork board, then trace the design and cut it out. You just use white glue and scissors. We actually needed these because the coasters we had on the coffee table were stone and Baby E loved to bang them on the table (adding many lovely dings to the wood surface).

* * *

Dh likes to make random threats, especially when I am rude assert myself. Here is an example:

Dh: I'm going to throw that lantern away. (The lantern that's sitting on our dresser waiting waiting waiting for me to hang it up - 1.5 months & counting - I have to get the ladder to hang it up!)

Me: Oh, you're bloody well not going to throw the lantern away.

Dh: You wanna watch me? I'll throw it away right now.

In this photo, he is in the act of making one of his ridiculous threats. I'm rather fond of them.


Christy said...

You look awesome in your new pants - you skinny girl. Count me jealous!

Emily May said...

Glory be to the God on High and the woman who's modeling, or should I say 'owning' those jeans! Now I'm gonna go straight to hell for that sac-religious comment. Anyways it's good to now that your not the only oppressed housewife who is routinely threatened by her husband. What can I say, let's stop the generational '1950's mentality before anybody else gets hurt. I hope baby e is watching, and knows what kind of crap not to put up with. But Dh is a sweetie. Emily

Brittany said...

Ummm... yeah... don't lose those 7 pounds, ok. You look awesome. Are you sure you had a baby???

I always appreciate a fellow bargain shopper! Woohoo! Love the jeans!

Isabel said...

Um okay, you are hott.

And also, I'm pretty sure I have that same (Shade) shirt in green. I got it for like $3 online.