Saturday, April 28, 2007

Book Review: The Plot to Save Socrates

The Plot to Save Socrates by Paul Levinson: Not recommended.

This book could have been really fantastic. Time travel, ancient Greeks & Romans, Alexandria, I mean dude it was all there. Intellectually, the book is actually pretty good. Intelligent, philosophical. A couple nice plot twists. However. Levinson's writing is so spare you feel like you're reading some kind of graphic novel -- without the pictures. He includes almost no descriptions. His characters are extremely wooden. His sole female character (who every male character is in love with - give me a BREAK) is so poorly written you just have to laugh. To keep from crying. Ultimately, it failed to satisfy -- extremely disappointing as it had so much potential. Perhaps Levinson should co-author with someone who can flesh out his intriguing plot.


The New Parent said...

Hi--first timer here. looking forward to reading more.

So tell me, what didn't you like about the book (smile). Seriously, was there a point in the book where you thought, this isn't worth continuing? If so, what made you then go on to finish the book?

Thanks for sharing!

Emily May said...

Have you ever thought about doing Amazon book reviews like my mom? You should. I'm trying to read 'Twilight' and this comment is becoming lame, bye now.

Anth said...

Well New Parent, the dialogue was killing me, but I wanted to know how all the plot lines would finally connect in the end, so I kept reading. It's not particularly long, so it didn't take long to read.