Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Morning Breaks

Dh drove up to Portland yesterday and turned in his final project for graduate school. He has a presentation in a couple weeks, and then he is COMPLETELY DONE. It's surreal. He's been working towards this for so long. I've been working towards this for so long. I almost can't visualize grad school not being a part of our lives. I don't know if Dh'll know what to do with himself. All his new-found free time!

Oh wait, yes I do. FISHING. Ha ha

I've read so much young adult fiction in the past while that I am absolutely sick of it. And I've even been reading some really well-written stuff. It's just the teenager-ness of it that I'm sick of. I needed to purge my head. I read a couple of non-fiction books, but it wasn't enough. I wanted a classic. So I started reading Vanity Fair...about a self-absorbed teenager...ahhh! Next perhaps I'll read The Road or something that is unquestionably adult and doesn't have a single teenage character. Not that I have anything against teenagers. I'm quite fond of (some of) them. I just want some rich, multilayered fiction about adult topics.

I still haven't made that Cinnamon Squash Bread. It's summer...and I haven't felt like turning the oven on. I've done almost no baking this summer. We've had some very warm weather (for western Oregon) and our little a/c units are doing the best they can, without me adding oven heat to the mix. Though I will hereby prove the lie to everything I just wrote, because I made a squash casserole from the Paula Deen magazine a couple of weeks ago that was quite good. And it had to cook in a hot oven for an hour and fifteen minutes. So...apparently I'm just too lazy to cook this summer. *Shrug*


Cassie said...

First, your blog looks great! Second, congrats to Dh for finishing grad school! That is such an enormous accomplishment.

Third, I seem to have taken a break from YA fiction too lately. Except, I'm going to read Mockingjay, of course. I don't know, I'm sort of in a reading slump.

I would recommend The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo if you haven't read it (and I can't check your Goodreads page because it's blocked at work...fiddlesticks!).


This Oregonian congratulates you on finishing school.