Monday, August 02, 2010

Mac N Cheese

This post over on Meredith's blog inspired me to actually write a post! Wow!

I love macaroni and cheese from scratch. Love, love, love. Sometimes I use a recipe from Real Simple with crisped prosciutto on top. Usually though I use the macaroni and cheese recipe from Bake Until Bubbly. That book, which I highly recommend, is full on sinfully delicious casseroles. It's probably been at least a year since I ate the Kraft stuff.

However, my children are irritatingly picky eaters. They disdain pot roast or grilled chicken and adore hot dogs and bologna. They hate Parmesan-Reggiano. They love Kraft mac n cheese. See, irritating.

This morning at lunch time I was ravenous due to not eating breakfast. I took a bite of the kids' mac n cheese and it tasted awful! Metallic with a really strange aftertaste. Dh was home for lunch.

"Dh, try this! It tastes weird!" I said.

"Why would I want to try it, if it tastes weird?" Dh asked, though he ate some anyway. "You taste weird. This tastes like normal mac n cheese."

"Well, that's gross. I've ruined myself to Kraft macaroni and cheese." I announced.

Which is not really a bad thing. Sorry, Kraft.

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Jaime said...

I learned how to make a great mac and cheese today using a basic bechamel sauce. I added parmeggiano and fancy swiss and it was creamy and delicious and awesome. I have about 20 boxes of Kraft in my cupboard that I'll probably have to donate to charity or something.