Monday, August 09, 2010

Summer Living

I dreamed that Taylor Lautner was a childhood friend. Then I dreamed that I was kidnapped and forced to become the wife of a bushman.* I helped all the other kidnapped women escape but for some reason we had to crawl an extremely circuitous route on our escape - through a movie theater in fact. Because, you know, there are LOTS of movie theaters in the African bush.

This has been a really fantastic summer. We haven't done anything big. We went over to Dh's parents for a weekend. We went up to Yakima for our niece's baby blessing over Fourth of July. A couple weeks ago we took the kids to the zoo for the first time. But this summer is fantastic because we've been spending time as a family, having fun, relaxing. (And Dh has been able to go fishing/boating so he's happy too.) Last week we made homemade ice cream and I looked around at my family as we relaxed out back and I took a mental picture of pure joy.

I love summer in Oregon! Right now the children are playing outside in a chilly Oregon summer morning. By eleven the clouds will have burned off and by five it will be uncomfortably warm, but right now Miss E is rocking a long sleeved tee and winter boots. As for me, I'm wearing socks, obscenely loud pajama pants, and an apron! And yes, it looks AWESOME. I'm very used to the temperatures of Oregon now. I wilt in temps above 90F. And I freeze in temps below 30F.

Our garden is looking fabulous. I shouldn't say "our." It's all Dh. I've done completely nothing with it. I did cook up his green beans last night and they were so good. And organic! I plan to make cinnamon squash bread this week as four good-sized summer squash are sitting on the counter right now. Summer squash and zucchini are always so...prolific. The carrots, tomatoes and cherry tomatoes should be ready soon. I have my eye on making this with the little cherry ones. I figure I can try my hand at pesto too, since there is also some basil out there and Dh makes very grouchy noises when I don't use the herbs he grows for me.

*Sorry Bushmen for the slander.


Cassie said...

Ooo, your new layout is so pretty!!!

And sorry, I'm stuck on...cinnamon squash bread? That sounds amazing! You're right about the zucchini and summer squash: It IS quite prolific. I shredded about four pounds a few weeks ago, and now my husband tells me he doesn't like zucchini in baked goods because the texture reminds him of shredded coconut (which he hates). Now what am I supposed to do with all of it?! Make things for other people, I guess.

Anyway: Please, do try the pasta. It's so, so yummy. And with homemade tomatoes, it's bound to taste even better.

Sounds like an awesome summer. Glad you're posting more lately. :)

Margaret said...

Ah, summer. All that yummy fresh food sounds wonderful! You are quite the chef - cinnamon squash bread - sounds SO good!
(And I love the wisdom you are passing down to Miss E re: the carrots - Hilarious!)

Dazzling Nurin Adlina said...

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