Friday, May 21, 2010

Graduate School, Babies, and Eavesdropping

We are in the final countdown for graduate school classes ending. Three weeks........
I think I hate Dh's graduate school classes as much as Dh does.

Yesterday I cleaned Miss E's room. Before you think, "Wow she is setting herself up for a life of servitude and lazy kids," let me tell you I did it for a specific reason. She had a lot of trash in her room. Obscene amounts of trash. Crumbled leaves, at least thirty scribbled-on post-it notes, stickers ripped off paper, ripped up papers, cheap McDon@lds toys. If she cleaned the room, she would fight me to the death to keep all of that garbage. So I cleaned her room (it only took about fifteen minutes) and filled up a grocery sack with very small pieces of junk.

I have done almost nothing constructive today. Does going through my Google Reader count? I got up at 6:45 with the kids and JDub said (whilst chatting on FB) that counts as work right there. And I fed the kids, as opposed to giving them bowls of dry cereal and sippy cups of milk and calling it good. Which of course I have never, ever done.

I watched Babies on Stephanie Nielson's recommendation, and I loved it. It did not make me baby crazy, though. I know there is one more baby waiting to join our family, but I do not feel ready for said baby to pop in just yet.

And when I went to see Babies, I went to the movies by myself for the first time. Which I have always been scared to do. EK did it, so I figured it must not be awful. And it wasn't! I brought my knitting, and eavesdropped on other people's conversations, which I have always enjoyed doing. The three sisters in front of me were encouraging each other not to be like Gigi. It was really hard not to laugh out loud.


Cassie said...

I've neer been to the movies by myself. I've always wanted to do that, though.

I hope these final 3 weeks of DH's graduate school go very quickly! Early congrats to him!

Cassie said...

Um, that would be NEVER. Or ne'er. Whiche'er you prefer.

EdgyK said...

Going out with my husband and friends is my fav thing to do but getting out on your can be so refreshing. You don't have to anybody but yourself. That is totally funny that you took your knitting.

ashley said...

i actually made plans to go see babies tomorrow all by myself. we match.

Anth said...

Ashley! High five!

Stop laughing at my knitting Edgy.

Cassie, I definitely prefer ne'er. It makes you sound like a pirate.

Jessica said...

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Jessica said...

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Babychurlmary said...

Great :)!