Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It's May Now

Can you see why I am totally in love with this kid?

So late April is an orgy of celebration - Ace's birthday
, Dh's birthday, our anniversary, and my birthday. I gained about six pounds. Since I am certainly not willing to bid adieu to cake and eating out (not to mention eating my birthday candy - this year gummy worms & candy orange slices - Dh knows me so well!), I have decreed that May shall be detox month in perpetuity. So naturally I kicked it off by eating crap all weekend. Boo-yah!

I made an Oriental Chicken Salad tonight from a recipe I got from a friend. It's not really healthy...but I tried to make up for it by doubling the cabbage and keeping everything else the same. It was sooooo good so I'm hoping the cabbage really upped the health factor.

My birthday was pretty good. It kicked off poorly, with a big ol' accident on the carpet from the little miss pictured above. Last week she was acting strange - really angry and sassy. (This week she is sweet and helpful, I am happy to report.) But Rainbow had us over for lunch and that was really nice, as she is fabulous and fun to hang out with. Her daughter Becca is one of Miss E's dear friends. In fact, that night Miss E insisted that I call her Becca, and she kept calling me Rainbow. That got old! Ha ha

Dh got P@pa John's pizza for me for dinner as that is my favorite pizza. After all those afore-mentioned celebrations, I didn't feel like getting a babysitter again, and going out to eat again. So I guess I kind of shaft myself for happening to have the last birthday in April. Oh well! He also got me a lovely bouquet of flowers. I got myself a few presents: this book and this album.

I devoted some time to pondering whether it bothered me to buy my own presents. It does not. Dh cannot pick out a book that I will like from off the shelf at the bookstore, my tastes are too specific. Nor does he care for the folksy retro sound of She & Him, so it would never occur to him to buy me that. I like buying things. And I especially like buying things for my birthday, as no guilt need be involved.

I also got some goodies from EdgyK and my visiting teachers. Yum! Goodies!

The children enjoy eating fresh pineapple with Dh.

Recently I have had itchy fingers like you wouldn't believe. I have been churning out knitted and crocheted projects. Several of my friends are expecting or just had babies, so it all coincides together nicely. I get soooo bored with empty hands while the kids are playing at the library or playground, so I just bring some knitting and am still able to pay attention to the kids but not get antsy from idle hands.

Okay now I really must finish proofreading Dh's schoolwork. (Four months until he is done with graduate school FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


ashley said...

busy times! now come visit utah!

Cassie said...

Ace is so handsome -- he's so big now! -- and Miss E gets prettier every day.

I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday! I always buy myself presents too -- I know what I like much better than Joe does. If I don't buy them myself I at least give him a very specific list so he doesn't screw up. :)

EdgyK said...

I like both. Buying my own presents and having DH buy me some and going out to dinner. The list has helped DH a lot. I think it's awesome that you are always knitting.

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