Saturday, December 01, 2007

Here and There

I went to this thing last night. My friend had a booth - she does portraits. She invited me, so I did the friend thing and showed up. With K, of course. My friend's booth was very nice - excellent portraits (which are SO out of my price range) and a table full of adorable girls' clips and bows she makes (if only Baby E had enough hair!). But. The rest of this event? Bleh. As we left, I told K I felt like I had just been to ten candle parties. There was a candle lady, a P@mpered Chef lady, an @rbonne lady, some mortgage people who we completely avoided, and a few other booths. The P@mpered Chef lady and the @rbonne lady both tried to get us to do a party. Dude, we were so not into that. I hate hosting those parties. I'll go to one, but do not ask me to host. I hosted a M@ryKay party once, JDub was the only one who showed up. Even though I had five people rsvp.

Skip this paragraph if you hate sex. My mojo has not left during this pregnancy! Opposite of last time. Last time, meh. I probably would not have cared it we didn't do it for the entire nine months. Dh was not happy. But this time, I feel just like normal. Which is so marvelous! Maybe all the estrogen of having a girl zapped my desire? Who knows.

Did you notice that there was a link at K's name? She started a blog! I helped her set it up on Wednesday while Dh was at his last class of the semester (thank heaven). I typed her profile just to be a brat, but she has already changed most of it. I think she should have left it. I managed to bring sex and that annoying pina colada song into it. It was a work of art.

Anyway, I am reading Madame Bovary right now. I am almost 200 pages in. Can anyone tell me - is something going to start happening soon? Because so far it's just lots of unspoken longing and one case of child neglect. And it's losing me.


Dooneybug said...

Haha! I remember when I was pregnant with my son and I couldn't get enough. And with my daughter I could have cared less. It MUST be the being pregnant with a boy thing!

Pearlmarie said...

I was the same as you and Dooneybug. There is definitely something to the whole estrogen/testosterone baby and libido thing.