Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas With the In-Laws I

Sitting with Grandpa, playing with a snow globe.

Grandma had lots of musical toys. They drove all the adults crazy, but Baby E loooooved them. Before long, she had figured out how to turn them on whenever she wanted. This frog sang a little song called "Jumpin Jiminy Christmaaaas!!!" and shook jingle bells.

Peering into her stocking.
She needed some help getting her goodies out.
Baby E wonders why Uncle T is always sticking a camera in her face.


EdgyK said...

We love Baby E's crazy hair! Mya was reading all the descriptions of the pictures and now Ballerina is calling her Baby E. It looks like she had a good time. I like your belly button picture.

AM said...

Emma LOVES the musical toys too. My grandmother had two and she just played the over and over again. Is that the frog?