Sunday, October 21, 2007

Today was Stake Conference, which is when a bunch of area congregations meet together for a big meeting. It was nice because 1) it is 2 hours long (as opposed to regular church which is 3 hours), 2) I brought my knitting and made real progress on a little hat for Baby E and 3) there were some excellent talks, including one I really enjoyed about the true nature of love and how this applies to marriage. It was hard because I had to sit on a hard chair for 2 hours and my butt was killing me by the end.

Tonight we went to K's house for dinner. We had steak. This is K's idea of a pun. Steak for Stake conference. Dinner was delicious and fun was had by all. We even stayed late (Baby E was behaving herself), so Baby E ended up going to bed an hour late (7 pm).

I am 14 weeks pregnant. My morning sickness is waning, mostly only feel it in the evenings and not too badly. Woo-hoo! Now it can fade away to a distant, terrible memory again. My stomach is starting to pop out but all maternity pants are still too big. I wear them anyway. Also stretchy pants. Please don't arrest me, fashion police. My main symptom now is gassiness. Ha ha Also I'm quite bloated by the end of every day.

Dh is threatening to punish me if I don't stop blogging right now. Apparently it's time for some QT time.


Christy said...

Yay for waning morning sickness! That is by far the worst part of pregnancy.

Melain said...

No stretchy pants! NO!