Friday, October 05, 2007

My First Prenatal Appt, Some E Pics and a Belly Shot!

Dh, Baby E and I all schlepped our way to the ob/gyn this morning for my first prenatal appointment. Everything went swimmingly. Baby E was charming and well behaved, Dh was there fulfilling his role of supportive husband perfectly, and I threw up in the trashcan before we left! Woo-hoo! We got an ultrasound, sorry no scanner so no pics, but Baby #2 was moving all over the place which was really fun to see. Moving all limbs. In fact, we even saw its fingers. The doctor said..."that doesn't look like an 11-week baby (today I thought I was 11w3d). It looks at least 12 weeks." She took a few rough measurements and kept coming up with more like 12w5d!!! Holy cow.* She moved my EDD up 3 days, thinks it will be more after an in-depth ultrasound scheduled for the end of the month (crappy HMOs...). So that's exciting! I did think my uterus came up out of my pelvis awfully early. I love the idea of being an entire week farther along. One less week, with none of the wait!

One of Baby E's favorite past times: digging in the garbage.

Note the milk on the floor. NOT being drunk. I feed her lots and lots of cheese in hopes it will compensate for her relentless refusal to drink milk. (And yes before you ask I have tried adding Nesquik, strawberry Nesquik, and heating it. None of that works. Dh once got her to drink 1% but that doesn't help us very much, does it?)

Baby E, my little homeless child.

This Ziploc is a great hiding spot!

12.5 weeks, according to the doctor's rough estimate. Note pajama pants.

*So apparently Dooneybug you should listen to NOTHING I say about FAM because apparently I suck at charting and was at least a week off on my ovulation. I don't know how this happened! My signs are textbook! My chart was crystal clear! And yet, the baby don't lie.


Christy said...

We are having lots of luck with using a cup with a straw. Porgie has been drinking milk from her strawed cup at breakfast and dinner. I am so happy, because I want to have her completely weaned by the end of next month.

Love the cute little belly.

Dooneybug said...

Well maybe baby #2 is just a prodigy? :)

We had to put a lock on our trashcan many months ago. My son kept throwing stuff away, like toys and pulling out trash, like used yogurt cups. But the lock works awesome!

My first thought about the milk was to suggest adding chocolate but you've already done that. Honestly, the only way we can get our son to drink milk out of a sippy cup is to add Ovaltine. And like Christy says, if we put regular milk in a cup with a straw he actually will drink it better. These kids are so peculiar sometimes.

AM said...

Where did you get E's footy pajamas? THey are hard to find at this age.

Holly said...

I wish my belly was as small as yours (and I'm not even pregnant)!

Katie said...

You in pajama pants reminds me of Sophmore year.


Pearlmarie said...

Yes, your pregnant belly is still very, very small. I know it is not small for you though, so congrats on the baby bump! I am hoping you start to feel better soon. I always (as in just the two times) felt better around week 11. That's not too far away, right?