Monday, October 01, 2007

In Which I Enjoy the First of the Month

Dh left this morning for a conference over in the southern US. He will be gone four days. Before he left, he kept thanking me for being chill about him going. Maybe I should pretend to be grouchier? I don't know. Instead I just enjoyed being thanked for something I hadn't really thought about. Ha ha

Then since it is the first of the month and that means $$, I went to Target. Where I actually behaved myself very well and bought boring things like diapers and pajamas for Baby E. My only splurges were new fishnets (I found out Sunday all mine had holes) and a fun pair of knee-high socks. I also went to the grocery store where I allowed my cravings to fill my cart. Therefore I bought: bacon, french bread pizza, a baguette, and Kaukauna cheese. Um, yeah. My fruit cravings don't start until the second trimester, yo. The only fruits I can stand right now are apples and grapefruits.

By 3 p.m. Baby E was banging her head against my thighs in utter boredom and I was so over that so I headed over to K's. Luckily I found her in the midst of baking pumpkin-chocolate chip cookies. Fab timing, huh.

Tomorrow I will be 11 weeks. Perhaps I should post a belly pic soon since I am showing a little bit now. It will just have to wait until Dh gets back.

Fall arrived in western Oregon in a big way this weekend. Rain, rain and more rain. Friday we went up to the mountains for a drive to enjoy the fall colors. Dh and I both enjoy mountain drives. For various reasons, we haven't been up there driving around for about 2 years. This drive was fun, just a little long. After 4 hours, Baby E was losing it and I didn't feel so hot from all the driving. When we got home, I yakked and somehow managed to burn my esophagus. Burning pain for the next four hours. SOO not fun. It also aggravated my stomach so I got sick twice more! Bleh. Needless to say Friday night sucked for me. We watched Disturbia, which was interesting enough.

Fortunately by Saturday morning I felt 100% better. We lazed around and then Dh worked an OT shift from 2 pm - 1 am. So Saturday was not really so fun.

Sunday I magically got my entire class of 15-year-olds to participate. The past few weeks it's been getting worse and worse and I've been feeling bad about that since I'm pretty sure I'm not just supposed to referree the name calling. I noticed Sunday's lesson had lots of questions. Everyone's name went up on the board and I announced whoever had the most points by the end of the lesson would receive a prize. Half the class ignored me and talked for the first half of the lesson, but gradually everyone got sucked in by the lure of the prize (which was a secret). By the end, everyone was involved, raising their hands, flipping through Hebrews. It was beautiful. Apparently I should do this every week. The prize? A candy watch. The winner was thrilled.


Christy said...

I can't wait to see the belly shot. I am so excited for you!

Maggie said...

I did that with my 14-16 year old sunday school class last year. Only it was just if all of them remembered to bring a set of scriptures to class then all of them would get a prize. If even one person didn't then none of them got the prize. It was pretty awesome to see some guys carrying four sets of scriptures to class.

Isabel said... because I'm not pregnant does that mean I shouldn't give in to my food cravings??!!

Looking forward to the belly shot!