Sunday, June 24, 2007

Allergies, I Hate Thee

I'm not sure how much of this stuffy nose is due to a cold and how much is due to allergies. Everyone at church is sniffling and coughing too. The allergies are particularly bad in our area this year. For this reason alone, I want to eventually move out of this area. I am NOT joking. Click on this link to see why Oregonians are so miserable right now.

Rainbow and I went out for dessert on Saturday for some much needed girl time. Her husband asked only one thing of me before we left: Bring her back in a better mood. Ha ha You know, I just can't think of a single reason why she'd be grouchy. *cough*8 1/2 months pregnant*cough* She is kinda worried because this is Kid #4. Four kids, that's a lot. I think once she gets past the newborn phase it'll all be fine. Her three kids are well-behaved and helpful. We had a great time eating cheesecake, we laughed and laughed. Mission accomplished: I brought Rainbow back to her husband in a much better mood.

My grandpa lends L his coat during pictures just after my wedding. Despite it being April, it had snowed all morning, and we were all freezing our butts off!

P.S. Katie - recognize anyone?

I talked to my friend L last night, for the first time in over a year. She's my oldest friend. We've known each other for about 14 years. Not so long, I know, but I moved around a lot as a kid, so that's my record friendship. She was my maid of honor. The past couple of years, we've lost touch. She's been busy settling into her job as an RN in a very busy, stressful ward, and I've been busy having a kid. Plus, I'm bad at keeping in touch. The exciting thing is, L lives in Utah, which is exactly where I'm flying on Friday! So we'll finally get to catch up. I invited her up to stay with my entire family - though I asked first if she felt okay with staying with all of us (there will be 11 members of my family there) - it can get kind of chaotic and overwhelming in a big family. Dh isn't coming - I think he can only handle one trip with my family per year - and I'm okay with that. Then I have a perfect out whenever I don't want to visit his parents! I'm so excited to hang out with her. It's been waaaay too long since we talked. I need to stop sucking at long-distance friendships.

Thought for the day, heard at church: assume nobility of intent in others. It kind of slapped me upside the head. A couple of weeks ago, someone I don't really like called and left a message out of the blue - a cleaning tip of all things. At first I was like, Um, weird. Then, because I don't care for this person, I totally started reading into it - what a brat she is, to call and tell me how to clean better, as if she should talk. Lame, I know. I'm going to assume nobility of intent, because she was probably just trying to be nice, so I don't need to get all beyotchy! I think assuming the best intentions of other people will make me a happier, more pleasant person to be around.


Chas said...

"Assume nobility of intent in others."...I need to remember that when dealing w/ my mother-in-law.

Melain said...

I've noticed something. When people find out I have 3 kids they say, "WOW! You're amazing!" But when they hear of someone who has four kids, they say, "WOW! She's INSANE!" Apparently the line between 3 and 4 is the line that divides the amazing from the insane. Just keep making her laugh and feeding her cheesecake. :)

Katie said...

Yeah! I love having a cameo on other people's blogs!