Friday, June 08, 2007

1 Year

Well, Baby E is one now and I can't really wrap my head around it. I guess growing up, seeing my parents, I thought you became a different person somehow upon parenthood. That you gained extra knowledge just by virtue of being a mother or father. But you don't really. I'm still the same girl I was two years ago. Mostly. More unselfish. But still pretty much just me. Now I realize my parents were two kids feeling their way along just the same as Dh and me. I like that about being a parent; I've gained greater insight into my parents - as people, not just as my parents. Makes me more empathetic to and forgiving of them.

At the same time, I feel different in a few important ways. Before I had Baby E, my life was All Me, All the Time, with some Spouse thrown in for kicks. Now it's Mostly Baby, Some Me, Some Dh. I'd be lying if I said it was easy to transition to being second on my own list of priorities. Sometimes I feel like I am becoming just Mother. Being subsumed by my responsibilities. This is compounded when I go out in public and people only talk to me to talk about Baby E. Makes me as a person, as Anth, feel kinda invisible.


I think about Baby E and I can't imagine being without her. After she's been in bed a few hours, I miss her. She brings me delight every day. She is so fun, and loving, and hilarious.

Recently Dh went to a weeklong conference. When he got back, he asked me if I was jealous that he missed Baby E more than me. I didn't even hesitate: "Of course not. I miss her when I go to Target by myself. No offense, doll, but I don't miss you at Target." We both love that little girl so much it hurts.

(Thanks to my old roomie Onler for the adorable handmade dress!) I am a total sucker for smocking.

She loves to "read" books. She often reads them upside-down, which I think bothers Dh. Which is cute. She loves any books she can get her hands on, but especially: 1) ones with pictures or 2) whatever book I'm reading. She likes to pull out the bookmark. ( She likes to turn the pages when I read to her. When my mil came the other weekend, she marveled at Baby E's affinity for books. Baby E done made me proud.

She grunts and points at whatever she wants me to name. Sometimes naming objects is 75% of what comes out of my mouth in a given day. Ha ha The only words I am sure she knows are still "E" and "baby." When I carry her down the hallway, she grunts and points emphatically at the pictures hanging up - she loves it when Dh or I name everyone in the pictures (which is really just me, Dh & Baby E in various arrangements).

The most exciting thing I have to say is...Baby E took her first step today! That's right! I am so proud of her! It happened so fast I immediately started to doubt, but then she got up, let go of the recliner, and took another step! Then she fell down on her face and thought about crying. Her eyebrows turned red. I was cheering and clapping though, so she decided to put on a brave face.

Other than this brief foray into walking, Baby E spends her time crawling and cruising. She is super fast so Dh & I really have to be on our toes. She can cruise right around the coffee table and tip over your glass before you can say "Jack Robinson." She loves to drink out of real glasses - in fact this is the only way I can really get her to drink cow's milk. Maybe I'll try soy milk out on her.

The Eensy-Weensy Spider is one of her favorites.

Baby E's typical day -

6:30/7 - wake up, play in crib

7/7:30 - Dh gets her up, changes her diaper, gives her some Cheerios or bread

8:30 - say Good Morning to me, nurse

8:45 - wave bye to Dh, play

9:30-11 - morning nap

11:20-12:30 - Adventures with Mom (Target, Winco, thrift shop, library)

12:30-1 - Lunch

1/1:30 - Dh comes home for lunch - Playtime!!

2:30-4/4:30 - Afternoon nap

5 - Dinner

6/6:15 - Bedtime

She has four teeth. The last one's been taking its sweet time, and she's been slobbering a ton, which she didn't really do on the other three. Pretty sure the slobber is the cause of the little red bumps I've spotted around her mouth recently.

She learned to clap on her birthday (Monday). She claps slowly, almost tentatively. Very cute. She also likes to throw her hands up in the air above her head so I will say, "How big is Baby E? SO big!" which I find annoying but I stupidly did it once so now she wants it all the time.

Everywhere I go, people love Baby E. She acts all shy, crosses her little legs, it's adorable (and bull). She has an amazing sensor and can tell when a baby is within 15 feet. On come the grunting and pointing. She loooooves other babies.

We spent her birthday quietly - Dh got the day off work. Too bad Baby E was cranky for most of the day (I think due to teething). The weather wasn't that great, but it was kind of sunny, and mostly warm, so we went to the park. Unfortunately, it was a bust. Not very good footage for the video camera. Ha ha She smiled going down the slide with Dh, but the bouncy seahorse set her off (??) and Dh had to calm her down. Then we tried to put her in the swing, but she was having none of that. After her afternoon nap she was more like her normal self. She had fun playing with both of her parents! We stuck her "1" candle in some bread (I know, how ghetto, but I was not giving her cake!) and we sang to her. She of course had no idea what to do with the candle, so Dh blew it out and then we cheered and she smiled and everyone was happy!

Baby E on Food -

A Short Photo Essay

Tuna pasta is the best!

I am an adventurous eater. I have tried and loved: tuna pasta, chicken josh (curry), raspberries, black bean soup, bulgur porridge, pumpkin cranberry bread, blueberries, taco meat, and many more! But don't try to make me eat watermelon! I will spit it out!

Getting an early start on my life of boozin' it up.

(Relax, it's root beer.)

I love ravioli.

I eat with much gusto. My mother pleads, "Don't touch me," when she approaches to clean me off. Then I giggle. And aim for her clothes.


Dooney said...

Adorable! Happy Birthday baby E!

Christy said...

Happy birthday Baby E. You are growing so big! And the walking - very impressive!

Chas said...

Happy birthday, E. Love that last picture!

Pearlmarie said...

What an awesome post! I loved all of the information and darling pictures. I love hearing all about your cute Baby E and maybe one of these days I will actually get to meet her, imagine that?

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday, Baby E!

That last picture is AWESOME!

(she has a super long tongue. I'm very intrigued bt it).

Rebecca said...

Baby E exudes character. What a doll! Where did the last year go? She is beautiful, Anth!

AM said...

That last picture with her sticking her tongue out is adorable! Happy Happy Birthday Baby E!

Katie said...

AWESOME post! Tell Ona I love the little yellow dress! So pretty.

Emmakirst said...

She's adorable, I can't believe she's a year already! Love the pictures.

Isabel said...

Happy Birthday little E.

(Thanks for sharing those adorable pictures. Now I want to ear her for lunch!)

Claire said...

Happy birthday to your cute girl! She's getting more adorable with each picture you post. Also props for nursing for a full year. Not that I know much about it, but I hear that's good to do :)