Monday, June 18, 2007

Cranky Baby

Baby E is on the tail end of her cold. She cranked and fussed ALL morning. She only took at thirty-minute nap. Not okay. She went down a little early for her afternoon nap and slept for almost two hours. Then I announced, We are outta here! I couldn't sit around the house with the Crankmeister any more.

We walked over to my friend Kenny's. (That's a girl, it's my nickname for her, I didn't galivant off to some guy's house.) We went for a long walk, very nice. Then she asked me to stay for dinner because Dh is gone all week camping! It was really fun. Kenny and her husband are uber-sarcastic, which I revel in. Her kids are also hilarious. Her oldest (8 yrs old) told me all about how she loves Home Improvement. We discussed which characters were the coolest. She likes the youngest son. I asked does he ever seem whiny? No, she assured me, he's not. Ha ha Baby E behaved like an angel. Perhaps I should take her to other people's houses more often. We had so much fun, we stayed way past Baby E's bedtime!

And yeah, you read that right, Dh is gone all week camping. Despite being sooooo sick. Sick enough that he announced yesterday, "If I was going to work tomorrow instead of camping, I would call in sick." This from the guy who NEVER calls in sick. But as our neighbor pointed out, you have to have priorities. And Dh has his.

Tomorrow I am going to spend the day with Rainbow. She is realllllly pregnant now (8.5 months) and so I think our plans pretty much consist of: sitting around her house talking. I'm totally down with that. Baby E loves crawling around her house and watching her 3-year-old play.


Christy said...

You are like the nicest wife ever. It seems like you are always posting about Dh going camping and what not. I get pissed when John has to work late - which he has no control over.

Chas said...

Ewww...a thirty minute nap is the pits. Hopefully, she won't make a habit of that.