Saturday, October 07, 2006

Show Your Faith By Your Works

Until recently, Dh's sister was living in Tennessee. When she came out to visit not long after Baby E was born, she felt strongly that she should move to Oregon. Now she is here. She doesn't have a job or a place to live. It is a big leap of faith for her, and she is scared out of her head. But she is here, where she feels she should be. I'm impressed.

She is crashing in our office until she finds a place. She arrived yesterday afternoon. She set up her massage table and gave me a long, fantastic massage. The kind of massage my postpartum, tired body has been longing for.

Yes, I think having S-i-l in my town will be a wonderful thing.


Chas said...

Good luck to your SIL! That is a huge deal; picking up and moving cross country is quite a step. I can't imagine why she'd want to leave TN, but I am a little biased :).

alfredsmom said...

Wow, what a big decision! THat is so awesome for her. And I am sure will benefit you too in more ways than one!