Sunday, October 01, 2006

In Which Grandma Successfully Buys Baby E's Love

Baby E and I just got back from upstate New York. We visited Grandma & Grandpa! And Auntie & Uncles. We had a lot of fun, but man are we glad to be home. I came home with an entire new suitcase full of things for the baby. Grandma really, really loves Baby E. Ha ha A lot. We went shopping almost every day we were there. Now Baby E will be decked out in style this winter. Six pairs of tights alone.
One day we went to the "Asian Market" which is really an Indian market. It was so cool. I wanted to buy half the store, as I am a huge fan of Indian food. My mom practically did. And she is in heaven now, because the shopkeeper rents out Bollywood films, which my mom adores. I made the fam Chicken Curry. Everyone looked very doubtful until they tried it. (Could it have been the heavy cream in the sauce? Surely not.)
We went to the Italian pastry shop and bought lots. Yum. New York, even sleepy Upstate, has much better shops than my town. You cannot get good Italian anything in Oregon.
It was so nice to visit my hometown. I miss the hills. There are hills in Oregon, even visible from my back porch, but it's not the same. The hills in New York hug me, they are so close around. The trees were just starting to turn. Fall in New York is amazing. The Northwest just has nothing to compare.
Oh, and flying with an infant is a mild form of torture. Not exaggerating. And she was actually really good on all four flights. [On the long flight out - 4 hours - we were trapped in the middle seat. Feel bad for us. :( Ha ha] Nursing was a particular challenge. Baby E dribbles, so I have to tuck in a washcloth or she gets me all wet. So I had a blanket over me, trying to set up, with Baby E laying on my lap, her butt up against me. Kicking at the blanket. Making me flash everyone around me. Oh, hi! Look! A nipple! But strangers on all flights were fantastic. So helpful. Thank goodness for Good Samaritans. There always seemed to be someone around me, offering to carry bags or set up the stroller. Also gratifying were the people who saw her and said, "Oh! I didn't even know there was a baby on board! She's so good!" because of course I felt bad every time she cried. It felt so conspicuous. But everyone was so very nice, and helpful. It eased the torture.
Baby E will be four months old in three days. She holds her head up (see below). She drools constantly. She laughs occasionally. She is outgrowing her 0-3 month clothes. I am pouting!!!!

Baby E is not fooled by toys. She knows Tummy Time sucks.

But she sure loves her mommy!

Cuddling with Daddy is always fun.


Anonymous said...

Yea! I'm glad you're back. I was wondering what you were up to. Sounds like your visit home was wonderful, that's great! And seriously, why does tummy time = pissed off baby? Is it really that bad?

Anonymous said...

Yay I've missed you! Amelia & I are flying to Rhode Island next month, which I'm dreading, but I'm glad to hear you could do it and the strangers were nice :) I think Amelia has that same little green dress! Does it have strawberries on it? E is getting soooo big! She is precious!

Isabel said...

I am so glad your trip was fun. And that your Mom took such good care of you both. I am loving that she bought all new clothes. (I hope my Mom does that on her trip out here next week!)

And also...I love the pictures. Baby E is so freakin' cute. But you know that.

(you are also looking so great!)

Anth said...

Yes, GFF, that dress has strawberries on it! It's very popular - my pregnant friend bought it, hoping she's having a girl! Ha ha