Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Pumpkin Party

We had a pumpkin party last Monday - it was a great success! Hmm. I need to start farther back.

Dh grew pumpkins in our garden last year. He planted them too late though, and so some of them weren't any good until after Halloween (so what's the point then). He left the biggest in the garden to rot. It's...the lazy approach to composting! Yay!

This year he planted more pumpkin seeds. In time. What he didn't realize was the composting pumpkin also planted some pumpkin seeds. So we had lots of pumpkins. Lots and lots of pumpkins. Our own (not-so) little patch. It grew out of the garden, far into the yard. Dh, being the sentimental man he is, couldn't bear to prune it back. So the grass underneath grew long and lush and became a wonderful green cushion for our gazillion pumpkins.

Then as the nights grew cooler, Dh had a fantastic idea! A Pumpkin Party! We invited three families, and Monday night they came with visions of pumpkins dancing in their heads. Or at least the kids did. Most of the moms stayed inside with me. Especially after I informed them that Dh had found a slug eating one of the pumpkins earlier that day. I fed them cookies and pound cake and everyone had a good time.

The only thing that marred the evening was: Due to some miscommunication, Dani thought it was a dinner party. (Not sure how she got this message, since Dh used the phrase "Pumpkin Party" very liberally, and that doesn't convey "We're providing dinner" to me, but whatever.) Which she brought up to me three times. By the third time ("We're so hungry, but don't feel bad! Don't feel bad!") I kind of wanted to reply in a really fakey nice voice, "Oh, don't worry, Dani, I don't feel bad!" Especially since at one point that evening she made a joke about my husband having a beer belly. Excuse me, but wtf? That's so rude! Ugh. Dh and I were talking about it later and we finally decided we just don't understand her. She is so tactless, and yet her husband is always nice, polite, and careful of his words.

So anyway, the Pumpkin Party was for the most part a big hit, and Dh wants to make it an annual tradition. You should have seen him. He was so cute, leading all the kids and dads out to the patch to pick their pumpkins.

Dh's sister is still with us. She is feeling much more positive - she has three job interviews over the next three days. She helps out with the cleaning so much, I almost don't want her to leave! Our house has never stayed this clean this long! (Reason: Dh is living proof of the second law of thermodynamics. Ha ha)

Meanwhile, Baby E is hard at work perfecting her grasping:

Oh, and she loves herself:


Chas said...

Lila loves herself too; the mirror is her best friend. We also have that lobster teether and that pink and white paci. Those NUK pacis are all that she'll take.

Emmakirst said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Your Dh sounds so sweet, the "pumpkin party" sounds like it was a great time, despite that silly lady. :)

Your baby is ABSOLUTELY Gorgeous, she's looking so intently at herself and her toys in those pics. She's a great combo of you and dh.

Anonymous said...

Lily just loves that little girl in the mirror and really want's pret to eat her all the frickin' time!! It's pretty dern cute...

Katie said...

Clearly she also loves to poke her tongue out. So cute!

Lizzy said...

E is adorable! Goo!
I wish I could come to your Pumpkin Party. I'll bring my own dinner, thanks!
Isn't it cute how much babies love to look at themselves and other babies? Fascinating!

alfredsmom said...

That pumpkin party sounds so cool! I love that you want to make it a tradition. What a great idea. I love celebrating fall. I had no idea it was so easy to grow pumpkins! Although, maybe your area of the country would be better than mine.

Anonymous said...

We do the pumpkin parties every year too, at my boss's house- it's so much fun!! I would never ever think it's a dinner party though, unless you specifically said, "Come over for pumpkin carving AND dinner!" Strange lady.

E is soooo precious! It reminds me of Amelia learning to grasp just a short time ago. Time has gone by so, so quickly. We have the same lobster teether as well.