Thursday, October 05, 2006

Craft Day

D and I had our first ever Craft Day. Which was really more of a Craft Hour-and-a-Half, but hey. You do what you can. She worked on a baby blanket for her impending arrival (she's 3 months along), crocheted, and I worked on my sweater vest, knitted. This sweater vest is taking me bloody forever. I am so slow at knitting. I have 8 inches of the back done. And none of the front. Bleh. Blissfully, our kids' naps coincided. I walked over to her place with Baby E swaddled up in my arms and laid her down on D's bed to sleep.*

Last night, Baby E thought it sounded cool to wake up once an hour starting at 2:30. Not from any real need, just to fuss-fuss-fuss until I dragged myself out of bed to pop her binky back in. Not that I should really complain, because she is sick.**

Here is how you know you're crazy: when you go to Target and look through all the clearance clothes (don't you just looove Target clearance), and the only clothes you end up buying are two maternity shirts. When you're not pregnant.

Went to the ol' Olive Garden with JDub last night, Baby E in tow. Who behaved wonderfully. She got sleepier and sleepier and then finally succumbed to an evening nap. JDub and I had fun catching up on each other's lives.

My life is boring right now, and I don't care. I like it. I take care of Baby E, and make dinner for my husband, clean my house (mostly), read books and do the crossword. And yet every day goes so fast. I look up at the clock - "What! It's already 3?!" What I'm trying to say is, my days may seem boring from the outside, but I am really happy.

*Which, by the way, someone somewhere had recommended the easy swaddler from Target. Well, maybe Baby E is Houdini (I highly doubt it) but no sooner had I put her in that thing, then before my eyes, and in approximately three seconds, she had both her arms out. It's CRAP. And it's going back to Target tomorrow.

**With the mildest cold ever, so yay.


Holly said...

Try a product called the miracle swaddler... Search for it on the net. It truly traps them like a straight jacket would. It has seperate flaps that wrap around the arms to bind them, a pocket for her feet, and the the outer wrapping wraps around her completly twice.... My friend uses it and got me one because her baby was the master escape artist and this one held her child in place!
Good luck!

Nicole said...

If you're looking for a good nights sleep and some serious swaddling try the Miracle Blanket... it's amazing!!! I bought mine online and it's well worth it!

Maggie said...

I know exactly what you mean about being totally boring and loving it!

Anonymous said...

You know what works for a good swaddle? A blanket from Baby Gap. I was given two as gifts, and now that Normy is 20 lbs and "25 I really need a heavy duty swadle. The Gap blankets are just the perfect shap and nice and big.

The trick that I've found to help is to sort of roll him over on his side when I wrap the first arm in. That way I can anchor that side with his body when I roll him on his back. Mmmm I loves me some baby burrito.

We swaddle for all naps, night times, and fussy fits. It works like a charm to calm and sooth. I tell people I plan on swaddling him for as long as works. I'll just graduate from using baby blankets to bed sheets!

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