Monday, January 30, 2006

I hate being lectured...

Apparently my scale is a piece of crap (not that shocking, since I paid about 5 bucks for it). The doc says I've gained 12 pounds total. She gave me a lecture for not taking my vitamins & eating enough vegetables. Then when I told Dh about it, he gave me another lecture! Bleh! So I've been a saint since then. Taking my prenatal vitamins every day and eating at least 5 servings of fruits & veggies, with at least 2 being veggies. No new due date, so my ticker remains unchanged. Ha ha It's hard to believe 5 months are already gone.
I've been crocheting like mad since my first trimester (read: nausea) ended. I had to finish the blanket for Princess' little one, which was huge!!! So it took me forever. Then I started a most adorable blanket which Baby will use when she gets her blessing. It's all white and worked on the diagonal, which was a first for me. After the first few rows though, I got the hang of it. Pretty easy, really. I churned it out and just have the edging to finish. I told Dh that crocheting is like therapy for me. I sit & think as I crochet. It helps calm & relax me. His response: You must need a lot of therapy. Ha ha So I threw a ball of yarn at him.

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Katie said...

Yeah, that's why I knit. It is so calming to do that little repeatitive motion and at the end you have something to show for it.