Thursday, January 19, 2006

20 Weeks

I love feeling the baby move. I wonder what moves she is pulling today, because it feels like she's having a party in there!
I'm feeling really good. Almonds usually take care of any heartburn I have. I would say heartburn is really my only complaint, which isn't saying much, because it's pretty rare still. I have bid au revoir to Indian food, but only temporarily! Maybe that's how I'll celebrate after the baby is born. Ha ha A vindaloo and tikka masala feast! Mmm, yummy!
It's my Friday today. Yahoo! I have had a really productive week at work. For a little while, I even got the paperwork down to only two piles! Then Kevin came back, and I have four piles now. :( Curse that man! Ha ha I still have 45 voicemails, but blah blah, who cares? I happen to know lots of them are just creditors calling to annoy me. Ha ha
Two nights ago I was laying on my side (nekkid) and my boob leaked onto my arm! It was kind of freaky! I thought that didn't come until later, so I wasn't expecting it. It's just another sign of how my body is actually changing to have an actual baby.
I'm making the transition to maternity shirts. My belly has grown so much this month, they actually fit now (the smaller ones).
Poor Dh has so many training things this week, and a short overtime shift on Saturday - he has to work 6 days this week. This morning he had to get up at 4:45 am to make it to his training session by 6 am. Blech!
Tonight is Bunko, should be a fun time! I hope Becky has good treats. Ha ha The prizes, eh. Bring me the food!
I am 99% sure the OB will give me an earlier due date tomorrow at my checkup. Just by a few days though. My guess is....June 2. Though I am mentally preparing myself for the likely possibility that the baby will be late. Since a lot of first babies are. Though if he gives me an earlier due date, that means I can update my ticker and be farther along! My cycle was shorter than the standard 28 days, so it would make sense that I'm a few days farther along.
Anyway, I think I've rambled on enough for one post. Elsa brought spaghetti to work and it is killing me, it smells so good!!!!!!!!! I know what I'm having now for dinner! :)


Reesh said...

I remember at the beginning and where you are now, really believing in my due date. Now that I am 37 weeks and almost went into labour at 35 weeks I realise that that EDD is just that, an estimate. True, it's really good to have something to count down to, but if the OB tomorrow were to say "this baby will arrive sometime at the end of May or beginning of June" that would be way more accurate. Still, let us know what we says and I'll update your link on my blog...

Katie said...

Wow! I am so excited. It looks like I'll be out there in Oregon the weekend of June 18 so I will be able to see little girl when she is only a few weeks old! Hooray!

Anth said...

Oh, I don't believe in my due date. One of the first things I read after I found out I was pregnant basically said, "Now that you know your due date, try to forget it, because it's very unlikely that you'll give birth that day." So I haven't really had trouble with that whole concept of the EDD. All it really tells me is that if I haven't had the baby by June 20, they'll induce me. (What I'm excited about is just getting to change my ticker Ha ha I'm a dork!)

Isabel said...

It is fun to feel the baby move, huh? I am just now starting to feel hands and feet. That is a little freaky. But I like it. I think it makes me love him even more.

And your boobs are leaking? Huh, I haven't had that happen.

I didn't know almonds helped with heart burn. I may have to look into that-'cause it's killing me!