Monday, January 09, 2006

19 weeks (minus one day)

I found a pregnancy twin yesterday! Ann O is due two days after me with her 2nd, and she is my visiting teacher, so I can pump her for info every month!
Baby kicks a lot more now, except yesterday, Dh said the baby was keeping the Sabbath day holy. Ha ha
This morning when I woke up it felt as if my digestive system had completely shut down. I felt very gassy and uncomfortable. What was it from yesterday? The Top Ramen? The barbecue chicken? I don't know, but I'd like to. Fortunately I am feeling a bit better now. I HAVE to go to yoga tonight, I have been too sluggish.
And the pregnancy is open news at church and work now. Convenient, since I'm so gassy today my belly looks HUGE! (Not really)

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Reesh said...

The amount of time I spend trying to figure out what has made me gassy this time!! I learned early on to just blame it on the baby whenever I'm gassy. Ooops, that darn baby farted again!