Wednesday, January 25, 2006

21 Weeks

Dh felt the baby move for the first time Sunday. Baby was kicking like mad, the hardest she ever had, so I was SURE he would be able to. And sure enough. So yay! Last night Dh very cutely asked, "When is the baby going to have a party?" To which I responded, "In about an hour." Because she usually parties between 10 and 11 pm, which is when I should be going to bed, but instead am usually goofing around wasting time.
Friday night Rainbow and I hung out, despite Dh's vigorous and blatant attempts at manipulation. We went to Rite-Aid to finally get her some more makeup. Then we dawdled around there looking at magazines. We were at Rite-Aid for like an hour and a half. I should be embarrassed, but instead I'm not. Her husband stopped by our house around 10 pm (driving back from some business trip), so the four of us crashed Cold Stone. If the neon light saying "OPEN" is still on, and the door is wide open, then you are open, even if the small sign on the door says you close at 10. Plus, that ice cream was delicious - Oatmeal Cookie Batter. Yum. Actually the girls there were very nice, because really they could have given us the boot.
Saturday, thanks to three factors, Dh agreed to attend the EQ activity. (3 factors: 1, my gentle persuasion. 2, Doug left a goofy message reminding Dh about the activity. 3, Brian said he was going.) And guess what? Dh loved it! He had a blast! There was good turnout, with cool couples, and fun games. So I think our future attendance at EQ activites is assured.
On the way home, we raced Brian & Renee, and afraid of losing to our awesome Corolla, they invited us over to hang out. We watched "Transporter 2" which was great fun, and ate obscene amounts of popcorn (that was mostly me). After the movie, Renee inspired me with stories of her medication-free delivery. It pushed me over the edge, which I'd been teetering on for quite a while, into seriously committing myself to a medication-free labor, insofar as it is possible. I feel really good about that decision, because I didn't really want to go the epidural route, but I have been too scared to really consider anything else. But after talking to Renee, I was like, "Well, pfah! If Renee can do it, I can do it!" I feel so much better just trusting my body. Renee was at yoga on Monday, and told me afterwards (it was her first class ever) that she could totally see how it would help with childbirth.
I have gained about 15 pounds. I was feeling kind of uneasy about that, but also feeling that I was being irrational, that that is a perfectly acceptable and healthy amount to have gained. So this morning I talked to Marissa, becuase she has had a baby and is the only grown woman I know who weighs less than I do (before I got pregnant, that is). She was very reassuring. It's just that before this, I couldn't even gain weight when I tried (I know, I know, boo-hoo for me), so it's weird to be packing on an average of a pound a week. Though it wouldn't kill me to engage in some aerobic activity. Ha ha
Sunday I spoke in church; it went fine, but my talk was only 8 minutes instead of the requested 10-15. Oh well. Dh and his sister had The Talk about how much we will pay her for the piano & kitchen pans. That stinker kept saying, "Well Anth says this..." and "Anth says that..." When I pointed that out to him later, he joked, "I want her to hate you, not me!" Which I am fine with. Ha ha Because there is no bloody way I would agree to pay $500 for that beat-up piano. We haggled to a final price of $350, plus $60 for the three pans. She said $60 was too high for the pans (ironically, I thought that was a fair price), but it's what we settled on. If she likes, she can think of it as $375 for the piano, and $35 for the pans. Ha ha
P.S. Regarding a potential new due date, which will be ignored aside from changing my ticker - the doctor had the flu, so my appointment is this Friday.

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Reesh said...

You can totally do a natural medication free birth. Check out these books: Birthing From Within and a book on Hypnobirthing. I know absolutely without a doubt that I DO NOT want to be medicated for one the most important events in my life. And doing prenantal yoga is wonderful preparation for birthing. Almost all the poses transfer over to positions you can use to labour in.

How exciting that your hubby can feel the baby moving now - it turly is a wonderful and amazing thing...