Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Operation Golden Eagle

There’s a new guy at work. A cute, single guy. JW is ecstatic. She started referring to him as Golden Eagle so that she could talk to me about him and “no one would know who we’re talking about.” (Right.) We (we being JW, myself, Annalisa, and Princess) have begun a covert operation we dubbed Operation Golden Eagle. The goal is hooking JW up with the new guy. There’s another new guy, but he’s short & married, so eh. No interest there. Annalisa, Princess and I are supposed to find everything out about him that we can and then report back to JW. We also coach her on chilling out, and what she should say, etc. It is like the high school experience I never had. JW, bless her heart, is not a particularly smooth or chill flirt.
When Keith introduced Golden Eagle to me he really obviously did a ring check! It was so obvious. I was thinking about this later. About what it would be like if I was single and a cute single guy started working at my office. My primary response: relief. Which surprised me. I was relieved that I’m not in that anymore. It’s so nice to have my husband there for me, to come home to, to chill with, and be completely dorky with, and get down with. I mean, sure being single is exciting, and usually very fun. But I think about being single, and it makes me tired. This response pleased me. It means that I now view the advantages of being married as better, more numerous, etc. than the advantages of being single. When I got married it was about 50-50. Ha ha I had to get used to being married. Now I am in the thick of it, and loving it.


Katie said...

Hooray! Comments! I love love love that I can comment here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If she needs any moves courtesy of the flirting "freight train" send her my way!

Katie said...

Where did all of these posts come from? Have I been retarded and missed a bunch or something?

Anth said...

I was sort of keeping this blog on the side while I had the other one. I just didn't tell anyone about it. As I reread those posts, I realize I abbreviated too many names and it's freakin hard to read.